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How can you ask to target customers feedback about an idea of product?

Daniele Francesconi Software Developer and Data oriented guy

April 26th, 2017

I did some researches about a possible product and it looks able to fill some gaps. How can I find and ask some feedback to target customers without a real product?

Yhan ESSOH Senior Product Manager and Customer Development Executive

September 22nd, 2017

Hi Dan,

You need an advisor or a co-founder who really knows how to build a start-up business from scratch, and that specifically has strong skills and start-up experience in:

1) lean customers interview hack,

2) lean marketing,

3) customers growth hack,

4) business idea vetting,

5) how to detect early that an idea will fail,

6) how and when to pivot,

7) climbing the mvp mountain,

8) b2b and b2c sales best practice (because you have no business if you can't sell)

9) psychology of selling

10) financial modelling for startup (because you will need to check the likeliness of your business model to generate enough value and money to be financially sustainable)

You will also need to learn some specific skills related to business idea vetting.

Step 1 : sniff testing

This is the capacity to split your ideas into small parts and assess the likeliness of each part to be a contributor to the overall success of your future business without spending time and resources doing standard market research. It can help you identify winners and looser early and help you save precious time and resources.

Step 2 : customer development and market research

This is the capacity to identify the best people to talk to, the best places to find them, the best way to approach them, how to talk to them so that they are not getting bored, what to ask to get a comprehensive and useful insights for your business.

Step 3 : financial modelling for startup

This is the capacity to check whether or not your idea/customer/market align to generate enough value and money to build a sustainable business.

Other important skills :

- Capacity to generate back-up ideas or sub-ideas. As you move further and deeper in customer development, you will probably notice that the current version of your idea is a b*llsh*t. This can lead to panic if you don't have backups. You can be either disappointed and abandon (smart decision) or stubborn and continue (foolish decision).

- Capacity to identify early which part of your business idea is too weak to be pursed

Hope this helps.

Feel free to join me on LinkedIn or send me a private message here if you need further help.



David Rockfeller Owner @stellarfire

April 27th, 2017

You can do it, you need to buy leads at a cheap price and you need to place calls and send them emails,it will be a good way to satisfy your query and also to market your product or who knows you might get some clients.

If you need leads you can mail (

I have been buying leads from them for the past 7 months and they are just great.

They charge me .30 cents per lead......their leads contain__email id,address,phone number,state,city , zip code and obviously the customers full name.

Best of luck

Anonymous Founder of initial stage company around curated products for the middle class

April 27th, 2017

The answer is fairly simple, execution very hard. Sounds like your are the ideation phase, so demographic research is key. One of the most important things you need to do is create and share surveys with your target demo, now you can either buy leads and send that across, or share it with your network and ask them to share along creating the pyramid effect. Folks are 10x more likely to complete a survey if it comes from someone they know directly or indirectly.