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How can you find the right investors to pitch in for your idea?

Arpi Narula Keen tester | Agile Promoter | Newbie developer | Chatbots and AR lover | New technologies explorer

September 21st, 2018

I have multiple ideas running through my mind , some of which I think are brilliant. But, I am not sure where to start. How to get the right investor who would give me freedom and vision on my projects. I have seen that a lot of documentation goes into convincing the investors. Is it all correct. Is there a way, I could get to meet investors and just explain my idea to see if they are interested.

Ami Asadi Product Manager @ Collaborative Visionz , Co-Founder of Maktub, BOD of

September 23rd, 2018

No just idea no matter how brilliant, do not get an investment, it will just wear the founder out to try to get an investment in that stage, believe me, I saw people doing this.even an adventurous angel investor doesn't look for just an idea and they will need at least a team behind it.

I think applying to accelerators is a better step, some of them have good programs for the idea stage and make an investible product out of your idea,

So go to an accelerator and build a team , create a viable business model at least on paper, and get as much close to a minimal working product then talk to reputable angel investors and you will make it, no doubt.

Wish you best of luck.

Roajer Gilbert Entrepreneur, Like to connect with highly motivated people

September 21st, 2018

Did you say ideas?

Ideas mean nothing to the investors. They all look for a working business model.

A tested model that brings money, if you can show that your idea worth something. You don't have to hunt down anyone to invest. People will come to you with money.

Here is how I would do it.

Pick a idea that you think is brilliant.

Create a mvp with no bells and whistle.

Launch that to your target audience. (with small budget)

Generate some positive income (aka profit)

If it did not generate profit, either fine tune your product or pick the next idea until you generate profit.

Reinvest the profit back into business until it worth something significant.

At this point you will already know many investors who are interested to invest or buy your company.

Good luck.

Ryan Goodman Passionate entrepreneur looking for co-founder

September 22nd, 2018

Step 1 is get the ideas out of your mind, and onto paper. After helping a number of friends who also had great ideas, I wrote this article with simple and practical advice.

Edwina Huang Founder & CEO of Vivify Textiles, Biotech innovator, Textile Recycling

September 21st, 2018

yes, I think when you meet investors, instead of asking them to invest in you, you can always as them to give you feedback first. In that case you can build the relationship with them, and they can see how you evolve and develop your idea!

Austin Sparrow Business Manager

September 24th, 2018

I think it is better to have one idea and create a business plan. If you are business plan is good enough then it will not be an issue to find an investor.

Fred Cohen We help grow companies

September 21st, 2018

You might want to watch the videos at to get a sense of what's involved. Of particular interest will be "The Seedling" which goes from generating ideas to testing them at the initial level for business sensibility.

The simple answer (Raojer is right) is that ideas are not worth the brain cells you use on them - to investors. You need to sieve out the good businesses from the bad ones by testing the ideas against what will work in the marketplace.

Brian Pindell 15 years at intersection of Real Estate & Construction, specializing in building new systems of...

September 21st, 2018

As someone that understands where you are. I recommend that you choose an idea based on what problem it solves — even if it’s just a problem you have. The next step is to determine if it’s a business or a hobby — based on what motivates you to solve this problem or if you’re solely doing it for the financial gains; this is important because any problem without scale is considered a lifestyle business by investors. Once you’ve done that, spend sometime researching the market size, competition, talk to potentia also customers (others you’ve identified have that problem). In the end, if you have done enough homework to vet your idea you’ll feel good or bad about proceeding — let that feeling and nothing else guide you, because the worse thing in business is doing something solely for financial gains; this is why investors look for long shots of 10-20x in startups because they invest solely because something says this is the next big thing. You want to build a business that you’ll be happy with 20-30 years from now, not because you want to get acquired — I believe more than half of new companies build their business with the objective of being acquired, and NOT becoming the market leader. Imagine how many times apple or google or Facebook or Microsoft were approached to be bought after they had small success — those founders had vision and arrogance to become the market leaders, now money buys market dominance until a failure happens, so focus on the fundamentals. A tirade I know but it irks me. If all of the work you’ve done shows favor the next step is to dump everything you know about this problem and solution into a paper, dissect it to pull out your assumptions (hypothesis), test that in surveys with potential users, then work on designing something visual. There’s a great company that can help with this at low cost named, (U+). I wrote an answer before this but because the app doesn’t hold credentials I was logged out.