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How could I found Co-Founders,Mentors and Investors?

Fernando Corrêa Founder and CEO @ J4U

February 9th, 2018

I'm a Brazilian, living in Vancouver/BC - Canada.

How could I found Co-Founders,mentos and investors?

I'm a "noob" in the StartUp World. Just one person with good ideas.

I did a few researches in the past months to explore and analyse the market. With good results.

I've tried to find all the necessary staff in Brazil,with no sucess at all.

I'm kind a lost about what should I do in the "next level".

Is there anyone could help me?

Thank you.


Sandeep Pai Solopreneur | Internet Marketer | Affiliate Marketer |

February 9th, 2018

Hi Fernando, I believe you are in 'idea'tion stage for now, you should be looking for Mentors rather than CoFounders and/or Investors at this point. My suggestion to you is to come up with a short business plan which should talk about the problem that you are solving using XYZ. Prepare an elevator pitch, 30-45 seconds you should be able to tell you business plan to anyone you meet. Then you can join some startup club or incubation centers and look for Cofounders... Investors come at the last... Of all the things, you have your best friend - Google! Google it and you can get the required info. Hope this helps! Cheers & Good Luck!!

Marcelo Darocha CTO/Founder Marketplace

February 9th, 2018

Hi Fernando,

Sandeep advice is great and it should be the first thing you should learn: the pitch and the problem.

I recommend you look at the Y Combinator web site. They are one of the largest startup accelerators in US and they have a lot of material for you to learn about startups. They also have a curated list of apps and industries they want to invest.

Also watch some episodes of Shark Tank, Dragons Den, Planet of the Apps and look for startup pitch videos on Youtube to see how people are doing it.

After the idea has been validated your next step is to create a MVP. Be prepared to spend some of your own money as no one (except family and close friends) will invest until you have your MVP validated and you have a few users, unless your idea is really great or you are solving a really big problem.

Learn about funds distribution, exits, and how much equity you are willing/can give up in return for the investment, as it will break you if you don't know these numbers well.

Don't be afraid to tell anyone about your idea to anyone. Get feedback from the community before creating a MVP. Search for successful pitches on Slideshare to get an idea before creating your own. You need to know your numbers and market well. Know your numbers! How big is the industry? $1B, 1M 5M?

You can find someone to do a MVP on sites like eLance and Upwork for a fair price.

Choose your tech stack well. I recommend JavaScript and React on the front end and Node/JavaScript on the back end, AWS lambdas or Firebase for a server-less architecture, these are what most startups are using but you may need a different setup for your project.

Invest on the Team and the Execution!

Stay focused and Good luck!

Ferenc Halasz Founder, SAP Consultant

Last updated on February 9th, 2018


I suggest you to go to meetups of your topic and needs. Use There you can meet new people, and learn new things. I am pretty much on the same way as you and this helps a lot.

Be careful not to search a cofounder desperately. It is much worse to have a cofounder who turns to be a bad company than to work alone before finding the real one.

For me it also helps to have a payed business coach.

Have fun...


Vittal Ramakrishna Founder

February 9th, 2018

Networking the key to meet your team, mentor and then Investors.

As already mentioned by another person, seek a mentor, check if you really need a cofounder.

Once you have the mentor he/she will then guide you to avoid usual pitfalls.

Get the MVP ready if it is an application or a platform.

Build traction around the idea

Start generating the sales

Once this begins, all your team member will slowly start falling into place,since you now have proved there are people willing to pay for your idea.

Usually cofounders are you close friends or someone whom you know very well.

Good luck

Ward Mullins Technical Co-Founder, Consulting CTO - Innovation, vision, Object&DB Design, Cloud, Big Data, Mobile

February 9th, 2018

Here's a list of resources, incubators and startup accelerators in Vancouver.

The BC Innovation Counsel has links from this website as well, and you can review some of the accelerator programs and see what resonates with your stage of concept and entrepreneurial experience/understanding. I would recommend that you look for resources that have classes, mentoring and meetings for new entrepreneurs that fit your intended market and/or demographic of knowledge and experience. This should at least get you further down the road. Good Luck!