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How did the lean startup rise to popularity?


March 24th, 2017

Has Eric Ries ever publicly commented on any tactics he believes were key to it becoming so popular?

Gray Holland founder / director at UX-FLO

March 24th, 2017

Eric didn't invent this stuff. The "lean" concept was built on top of Toyota's Production System, invented decades ago ( But the "idea" of eliminating waste is quite basic. Industrial Design has been working on this problem for centuries, using scientific methodology to refine and perfect manufacturing processes.

Eric just took that way of thinking and repurposed it to the incredibly wasteful practices of software development and the undisciplined world of starting up new technology industries. Its popular because it works. Its popular to this "group" because tech can has so much to learn about what man has already learned over centuries about making things...

Software is super important, but it also drinks its own cool-aid. It is an immature industry that makes LOTS OF MONEY, which allows it to be incredible wasteful to date. Bottom line, it has a LOT TO LEARN from other industries that have already been there and done that.