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How did you hire your first technical product team?


Last updated on February 4th, 2017

I'm just getting my first team going and I'm wondering how other new founders hired their first tech team - I'm not sure the scale at which I need or the expertise level needed.

Some context

  • we have no customers
  • we're newly funded, some branding clear mission
  • background is marketing and social media

Cristi Niamtu Building technology platforms, from Zero to One.

Last updated on February 6th, 2017

There are several factors that you should be considering when getting your first tech product team.

1. First, it usually depends on what type of product you are building. (it could be a marketplace, a SaaS platform, a mobile app, a gaming app, an e-commerce platform etc.)

2. Considering where you are in the process of product development, you will need different skill sets with different expertise level for every step you make.

3. The roles are very different (software engineers, technical architects, business analysts, QA engineers, front-end developer, back-end developer, mobile developers - hybrid or iOS or Android, UX/UI designer, database administrator, DevOps engineer, Scrum Master, QC engineer etc.).

For example in the early development phase you will need a Product Manager, an UX/UI designer and 1-2 full stack developers... later you will need more engineers plus other new roles such as mobile engineers (iOS, Android, hybrid) , DevOps, Scrum Master, QA/QC engineers etc.

4. Also, it depends on how fast do you want to move and how much money are you looking to burn in the early stage of your product development when your product doesn't have any traction.

5. What are your expectations regarding the team? Are you expecting that your team should be efficient from the first months when they will start working together? Are you aware that it will take time until they will manage to work together as a high performance team and become very efficient?

6. How are you going to organize the team? Are you aware of the software development best practices? Are you aware of what process should be used when you're building a product from Zero (idea) to One (marketable product)?

7. Are your business assumptions validated with real customers?

Based on all the assumptions that you are building your software product, it is better to approach the development process in a disciplined manner so you could easily adapt to your customer needs.

For this disciplined manner you will need to build your digital product using a framework for early stage product development.

I would recommend you to map your business case on the SaaS Execution Map, a methodology for early stage startups that helps them to clarify all the aspects regarding the execution part.

It is a tool that approaches all the aspects regarding the execution of a software project that starts from Zero.

Using it you will clarify:

  • how to approach the product development of an early stage product
  • what roles and skill set you need in each phase
  • what should be the expertise level of the roles involved
  • how to organise the team
  • what processes to use
  • how to map your product features on a timeline based on different product stages
  • how to validate the assumptions
  • how to work efficiently and effectively as a team

I can help you with more details from our experience if you want.

Warm regards,


Sam McAfee Building better technology leaders and teams

February 3rd, 2017

Perhaps you can edit your question text with a bit more detail about what you're doing:

Is this a tech startup or some other business?

How far along are you? Do you have customers?

What's your background (bus, marketing, design, etc.)?

Denise Tambanis Founder, Announcement Box P/L

February 5th, 2017

If you don't have the technical expertise to even know how your product needs to be built and who to hire, maybe you should get a third party development team like to prepare a technical scope and possibly the MVP. I haven't used them but have been through the process of trying to find developers etc and talking to digital agencies. Last week I went to a presentation by gigster, they had some very happy clients there and their setup looks very good. For example, unlike crew, freelancer etc, gigster will manage the development team - something that is very hard to do if you don't have the expertise. I'm sure they aren't perfect but do seem to be building teams for efficiency (build in-house common code repositories to build projects quickly and be able to provide fixed-price quotes very quickly).

George Stanislavos Business Development Manager at Cloudium Software

February 6th, 2017

Hi , i can suggest our clients who can tell you their story with us , will you be interested to have a call with me ?

David Feng Co-Founder at Reamaze, Clearalias, and Roninapp.

February 6th, 2017

You say you have no technical team but do you have a technical founder? If you do, maybe it's best to ask him/her in terms of the skills and scale you're looking for.

If you don't have a technical founder either, how did you build your MVP? Do you have a MVP? Why do you not have any first customers? How did you get funded if you don't have either?

I've never believed in hiring a team. For a startup as early stage as yours most things happen serendipitously as you go based on your needs. Hiring a technical product team without thinking through the details will very likely end in disaster as you run out of money.

Steve Owens Startup Expert

February 3rd, 2017

I do not remember how I did it, but I know it did not turn out very well at all.

I now outsource hiring to a company with a proven repeatable processes. Clearly not my core expertise.

TalentSnap Co-founder of TalentSnap : A Talent Marketplace

February 7th, 2017

Agree with Steve Owens that is you're not experienced and good at recruiting talent, it's better to outsource that activity.

By the way we're launching soon a new talent market place and to start things going we're offering selected business owners 3 candidates hand-picked by us for free. If you want, feel free to apply here and if you fulfil the requirements we'll get you going.

If you can't afford to outsource the recruiting, then take into consideration the points Cristi mentioned.

What is your product and what work needs to be done to reach a product-market fit. What type of candidates do you need? Do you need several specialist working part-time or do you want people working full-time who will cover various areas?

What can you offer them in terms of payment and work environment?

Paul Haris Business Development manager at mindinvetory

February 18th, 2017

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