Decision making

How do I decide if/when to end a co-founder relationship

David Ronald Marketing expert helping founders generate demand

Last updated on March 15th, 2017

My co-founder has an engineering background and I have a marketing one. Although we've gelled very nicely on a personal level, we're having great difficulty communicating effectively. It's puzzling and frustrating - only about 10% of my suggestions for how our company should evolve appear to be incorporated (my co-founder has the CEO role). We've spoken a couple of times about this and, though our discussions are open, nothing seems to be changing - I've consulted with mentors who have assured me that things are unlikely to improve now. Are our problems due to inherent differences (ie, engineering vs. marketing) that can't be overcome or can we improve? Is it time for me to move on? What criteria should I use to make the best decision?