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How do I find a reliable partner to take care of operations

Sean Arsenio Cooper Seasoned entrepreneur, with experience in developing and bringing a product to market

November 9th, 2017

I have a service concept that I would like to test and if successful, launch within a few months.

The service in the mobile phones service space (non tech).

I've done the initial market testing and surveys. The problem is that I'm unavailable to handle the operations side since I'm already engaged in a a different startup that's taking most of my time (since it's finally taking off).

I believe that waiting until I'm available to handle the project myself would translate to a missed opportunity, hence I would prefer to share rather than miss out on the opportunity.

Currently, I'm funding the project myself but I can share the financial responsibility with a potential partner, depending on the agreement.

The ideal partner would be someone from the NY area, self driven, knowledgeable and experienced with the task of taking an idea, testing and if successful, taking it all the way to a profitable company.

Please advise.