Hi. I started a SaaS company a year or two back. My product is called the Live Event Intelligence Platform (LEIP - www.LEIPevents.com). I’ve had some on and off outsourced marketing and sales help over time….but I’ve been the only constant. And I need help.

LEIP has reference-able clients. It has repeat clients. Just not enough of them. It is profitable and high (to very high) margin when sold. It is sold into the live event ( B2B trade shows, conferences, etc.) industry to help organizers and exhibitors greatly increase sponsorship and attendee revenue (and attendance). It’s got a fairly unique value proposition and, quite simply, it works. For any event (presently in the U.S. only, but can be brought to other countries)

For various personal reasons, I cannot lead the charge any longer. So I’m looking for sales and marketing help (a small group? a full-on company?) to take LEIP to market. Obviously some background selling into the event space would be a big plus. But anyone, or any company, that sells to marketing organizations could easily pick this up and start taking a slice of the marketing budget with this product.

I’m willing to give a majority of the profit for a majority of the work (I’ll continue to help, teach, even close, but won’t be the lead). And I’m wiling to offer significant earned equity for sales. LEIP has proven itself to be valuable, but I can’t be a one, two, or three-man show any longer. There is too much opportunity out there.

So if you know of companies with sales and marketing capabilities and that want a solid product that works and can be sold today, then I’m all ears. Let’s have a conversation. Thanks very much for your help and direction.