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How do I find RFPs from US companies seeking IT service providers?

Leena MBA Content & Publication Manager at NetApp

October 3rd, 2016

I'm prospecting a potential business partnership with an IT services company in India who wants to expand their footprint in America. Currently they are a very small company with two principles and two clients. It seems like a good, safe opportunity, as there is no investment on my part except for my time and a bit of sweat equity to rustle up sales. 

Three questions:

1) How do I go about prospecting companies to offer our services?
2) Is there a place/site where I can vet RFPs from companies? This would be easier...
3) How do I convince people to do business with us when we are so new and small?

Thanks everyone!

Steve Tulk Change Agent

October 3rd, 2016

You are looking for something like That is the US govts version of what you are asking about.   

If you do find something on the commercial side I would caution you to manage your expectations as even on the Fed side where things are as transparent as can be (highly regulated), we have a saying "by the time it hits FBO it's too late. 

Pethuru PhD Cloud Architect, IBM Public Cloud Offerings, Global Cloud CoE, IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

October 3rd, 2016

Hi I know a couple of companies in Bangalore. If you do give me a bit more on this prospects, I can talk to the concerned people here and come back to you with all the right and relevant information Thanks and regardspeter Pethuru Raj Chelliah PhD Cloud Consulting ArchitectIBM Global Hybrid Cloud Center of ExcellenceIBM India, Bangalore 560045Cell No. 8884722218

Nitesh Cloud-based Web and Mobile Product Development Specialist

October 3rd, 2016

Hi Leena,

I would like to share what worked out for us. A short background about us, We are an Innovation house working with IT, IoT and analytics services dealing with web and mobile applications development.

If you have good confidence in the quality, timeline and communication from your partners, I would always say Tie-ups works best as starters.

So if you Tie up with the Digital Ad-Agency, Management Consulting firms they would help you get the first base. 

Now you can start small and scale big, as you start working with the projects, you can start building your team locally and start working on the RFPs directly from the clients, with your Business team approaching the market. With paid advertisements or if you are referred by your existing customers or even if you have good account managers who identifies one customer and the complete potential and then run after a new one, you might not need too many customers to start with.

Working and maintaining the clients itself many a times help you evolve better, as we have always believed with the clients success evolves your success story.

So at this stage my recommendations would Tie-ups with companies around who have the need and understand the market.


Leena MBA Content & Publication Manager at NetApp

October 3rd, 2016

No you misunderstand...I AM the IT company...and want to sell my services in America. I am partnered with two Indian guys and am their American counterpart trying to find businesses here in the US who need IT services. How do I find these companies? I'd rather not cold call and want to know if there is some "place" online where I can see RFPs from companies who need IT services, i.e., our help.

Ashutosh Bhatia CEO at ALEA IT SOLUTIONS

October 3rd, 2016


Its a strategic play. You need to share what sort of venture you are looking for in terms of your inputs, financial investments, Linkages.

The way we did & it really helped in SG, HKK, UK is that make a business plan and share with some IT Company who works globally If you want to discuss in detail let me know & we can connect.