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How do I get early signups for our beta launch?

Kevin Growney

Last updated on January 20th, 2020

I'm planning to launch a "LinkedIn for Creatives" at the end of February. I just began to target a list of 1,600 designers via Hubspot with a link to the viral marketing campaign on Kick Off Labs. I may retarget this list via Facebook- but need to manage my costs. I'm also planning to post on sites like Beta List and Product Hunt, but I may wait until the launch in February. The site is

We were listed last week on Betalist- I appreciate if people "Heart" the post.

To the responses on this post: thanks for all the great information. I'm modifying aspects of the pre-launch based on your suggestions.

EcoLogik Techie, Entrepreneur, on Quest

Last updated on January 18th, 2020


We did signup, can't see the things - some error at

I guess you guys are working on something.

About finding real creatives, me and my team recently went through those nightmares of finding creative people. Your app will be cool place for companies to look for right creatives, as long as quality is enforced.

Please maintain high quality and enforce it on community with pricing and terms. I would remove all those offering low quality or have no passion of creativity, or uptight arrogant offering $5 commodities. (most sites have become just digital junk yards with anonymous accounts).

Also, where the creatives are located is a must, with country flag, city name. Sometimes we just want to meet them and say hello over a coffee.

Cultural diversity and differences are good, sometimes a huge prob too!.

License terms on creative content pricing should be very clear for the buyers, whether open source / one time / royalty etc. and the buyer should not be forced to click 1000s of times just to find what is offered is not worth it.

Buy / Download buttons should be near the terms, clearly stated. Please don't make it through different websites just to find what to buy and where to buy.

Also, if the creators are busy, they have to set a flag of whether accepting new assignments or not, collaborative or not, open progressive mindset bond between collab. tech and creatives is a must, otherwise face the wrath of AI driven creations ;-).

For collaborative buyers like us that facilitate (we are working on something for social commerce, so yeah creators are welcome!) more sales and creatives get tangible credits for that, its very hard to find legit offers.

Creatives have to be collaborative, right now most sites allow creatives to make commodities and are just plain shut offs when a buyer is approaching them for collaboration on something greater and bigger by creating better $ value for (i will ping you sometime later about that), designers and buyer brands, the ecosystem of it.

Another suggestion - if you guys are towards AI driven tech, i would add something that allows only significantly different creative content. Most sites allow to submit 100's of variations with just button color change or a header bar color change. Example: web content :-)

Point is - make it a great place for legit creatives and buyers.

Julia Rosa Owner, Satori Online LLC

January 15th, 2020

Your pop I getting credits to hire someone? Or am I joining as a biz offering my services? I would create a contest. People love contests and winning. A couple of different ways to do it. 1. For those that sign up beta, they get additional entries to win the prize (you could have 3 prizes) compared to others that sign up after Beta. Contest drawing is BLANK DATE. Give it maybe a month after launch? 2. A special contest only for those that sign up for Beta. PLUS or not, a contest after Launch. So, they have two chances of winning. And they are given more entries for each person they refer, PLUS, the credits you talked about. 3. For everyone that signs up for BETA, they receive credits, not just as an affiliate, but also more for signing up themselves. Whatever you decide, it has to be enticing. The grand prize could actually have something, a surprise of sorts, or a choice of one of three things, sent to them in the real world. You could offer premium exposure for those that sign up BETA. So, the first 2 or 10 people that sign up get premium exposure for BLANK time. Also, they are promoted two times or whatever you decide through your email to the BETA joiners. Just thoughts that do work. Good luck!

Gowtham ravi teja Pentakota Wanna be a Co-Founder || Management Consultant || Business Strategy || M.B.A (Marketing & Analytics)

Last updated on January 15th, 2020

Firstly, bringing in beta users for the product will not happen in a day. It is a process. we can only expedite it by implementing different strategies and with a systematic approach. Some of them on the top of my mind are :

1) Gamification of Signups:

Beta user who have successfully referred and on boarded new users would be collecting points and will have first access to final product.

2)Targeting UX influencer groups/people in twitter and linkedin by tagging them

3) Leader board for user who have signed up:

Similar to a Kaggle for UX, you can create a small case study competition and create a leader board for beta users. Points will be allocate based on polling any other criteria set by Mighty.(User can participate in competition in only teams, this will provide a incentive for signed beta user to bring in more beta)

4)Viral marketing of posts highlighting pain points of UX designers(finding work/showcasing talent) on Linkedin/twitter/any other platform where UX users are in high numbers. [there is science associated with making post viral]

5)targeted Email campaigning:

We can send customized and targeted message by reviewing their socila media profiles, most likely opening time for mail,etc.

Analyzing past campaign results for failure trends and pitfalls in user signup

6) Collaboration with complementary startups