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How do I get succeed in my iOS app business?

MD REJAUL HASAN Founder of an app name AURA

Last updated on August 9th, 2020

The question above is not elaborate on what I think actually. It's a little bit complicated. It's going to be a little bit big post so please read patiently.

I am an app developer. Last year publish my own app on the app store. It's a meditation app( Provide meditations, calm music, and white noises. It's earned some money but not a good amount. As it's my first app launch, I make so many mistakes, especially in marketing. I have 3 more apps ready to publish. I talk to so many marketing guys and agencies to make those apps successful this time when I will launch. Everyone looking for huge money. Around 10-100K USD for marketing cost. Some say they are so much confidence to be able to generate huge revenue. I ask them then why not you invest on it make a huge profit and take a nice amount of share and give rest to me. As I really do not have that amount of money to invest. Now The question is I have around 3k-4k USD and have 3 apps to publish and a published app on the app store. What should I do to get the best from my positions? I also try to make partnerships with people with the exchange of some investment but it's every time frustrating. It looks like no one believes. Some similar kind of apps makes 20-200K USD per month from the app store. So it's sure that there is a good market for those apps. What's your opinion about my position? What do you suggest?

Curt Sahakian Attorney

August 9th, 2020


The first thing is you need to explain what your apps do.

People invest in what they understand.

There are likely people here who can help you. But can and will do so, only for an app they get and they understand.

So what exactly do your 4 apps do?

Curt Sahakian

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Sedef Onder Managing Partner + Strategist, Clear Inc.

August 9th, 2020

Hello Rejaul,

I'm interested in learning more.

You're welcome to contact me direct for a phone call to tell me more about your existing app, plus apps in development/ready to launch.

I can be reached at sedef at clearinc dot com.

Wishing you luck..


MD REJAUL HASAN Founder of an app name AURA

Last updated on August 9th, 2020

Answer for CURT SAHAKIAN. I am not mentioning here details as it's a public forum. Whom I knock and talk I elaborate them with details and app like.