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How do I navigate Fellowships, Graduate Programs, Patents, and Academic Publications for my startup?

Mike Whitfield Sr. Software Engineer, EPAM, Google

November 3rd, 2015

This seemed to come up after learning that many grant opportunities require an academic partnership.  It's also true that many programs and benefits are available to actively enrolled students, i.e. pitch competitions, accelerators, etc.

I see a number of open-enrollment fellowships. I understand some programs are part-time, some are remote-capable.  Some have fancy titles.  Some focus on "the people".  After doing one fellowship, I can understand that there is a way to enter this organizations with a "healthy respect" for their limitations.  Am I correct in saying a fellowship a temporary club aligned around a mission, theme, or goal?

Re: academic publications, do you have to be part of a program to submit?  Can you submit after obtaining a post-graduate degree?  Can you submit after obtaining a post-graduate degree in a different area than your degree?

Joseph Wang Chief Science Officer at Bitquant Research Laboratories

July 10th, 2016

It's really hard to do an academic publication.  There are no formal requirements for submitting research to an academic journal, but to pass peer review you have to spend a massive amount of time bringing yourself up to speed on the latest research, and the amount of time that you need to deal with the mechanical parts of writing a paper are non-trivial.

The problem is that while you are spending all of your time writing a paper, you don't have time to run a business.  The other thing is that most grants are not looking for one paper, but a dozen papers in an given area and this is a full time effort.

The easiest way for a startup to find an academic partnership is to just network with academics at the local university.  You'll find that most are not interested in working with, but it's like any thing else in sales.  Just keep looking until you find someone.