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How do I penetrate medium to large size enterprises with a connector app?

Paul Ph.D. EtaBoost; IEEE Nanotechnology Executive Committee

May 5th, 2016

My company uses inbound marketing to sell an app that moves critical data between silos and apps--such as IT-siloed corporate contact information to native apps on users' smartphones.  

We have been successful with small enterprises but are looking for hacks to penetrate larger accounts, where the revenue per unit effort is likely to be better.  We don't have a large sales staff and so cannot do a human-wave approach or massive cold-calling campaign.

Please let me hear any helpful stories on how to succeed in gaining traction/business in medium to large corporate accounts.

David Albert Founder & Principal at GreyGoo

May 5th, 2016

In my experience using inbound marketing, without a big budget, is a steep climb when trying to attract enterprise-level clients. They still mostly respond to outbound marketing tactics.

That being said, an outbound marketing campaign doesn't have to be insanely labor intensive or expensive. In the past, this approach has worked for me:

1.) Determine who your ideal enterprise clients are: industry vertical, annual revenue, employee count, etc.--whatever demographics are important for the problem your products solves.
2.) Handpick the top 100 companies matching this criteria you want to work with and uncover the decision maker contacts.
3.) Add these to a sales contact system or CRM.
4.) Write 1-3 case studies that specifically address the benefits and value your solutions using existing clients. Ask for testimonials to include.
5.) Write a short, highly-impactful email that quickly addresses the benefits to the organization using bullet points. Use a compelling subject line. Include an action item in the email--a link to "try it free" "watch a demo", etc.--something that gets them to take action and follow a link.
6.)  Email each one of your prospects from your list from your contact management system so you have a running record. Include links to the case-studies or attach them. Make sure you track the link(s) to your action item (your CRM/sales contact system should allow you to do this).
7.) Create an auto-responder that triggers a follow-up email anytime a recipients clicks on one of your links. Be direct in your response--ask them when would be a good time for you to setup a meeting to walk-through your solution.
8.) Keep track of those who showed interest in your CRM, and set a weekly follow-up schedule. Consistently have your sales team follow-up manually 1x per week.

I know this sounds like a rudimentary outbound sales strategy--and it is--but if you have laser focus, follow the plan and are consistent, you'll get results--it's also mostly automated after you do the intial setup. Rinse and repeat for the next 100 on the list. I've never found ANY silver bullet for attracting enterprise clients without a large budget using inbound techniques, so outbound is the way to go, but this way you're not smiling and dialing and it's not terribly time consuming. I hope this helps.