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How Do Tech People Find Co-founders (UK Preferred)?

Simon Brown

October 5th, 2016

As a developer I've found it hard to find co-founders with great ideas. I keep reading that it's hard to find tech people so where's the best place to meet?


Justin Njoh IT Director - Mayfairworldwide, Lisol,

October 5th, 2016

Simon - join the club !

I've asked myself that same question for many years, and lately, have decided to do something about it.

I think it is a very complicated question as co-founding a business with someone is a very different proposition from employing someone.

People come as a package - skills, outlook, where they are in life generally, etc etc, so 'dating' systems that do match making are only addressing part of the issue. For example, they don't address the chemistry that happens (or doesn't happen) when people meet face to face or get to know and work with each other (long distance or face to face)

Traditional networking gigs also address only part of the issue for me. These work well for some people (the marketing types) and not for those who find these settings comfortable. Also these very much depend on the luck of  who you bump into, or whose business card you collect and later manage to contact them.

Just to add to the complication in my view, business people can be (almost by definition) very single minded. This is great in that you'd prefer to deal with people that are very clear in mind about what they wish to do, but the otherside of the equation is that it is doubly hard to find people whose clear ideas compliment yours enough for you to start exploring working together.

I'm exploring some ideas in this area (Teamable) - feel free to contact me off list if you like.

Rob G

October 5th, 2016

there are a few FD threads on this very subject so take a look at those.  start by figuring out what kind of co-founder you want to work (tech, sales, operations, marketing, etc.) with and the kinds of projects/tech/markets that interest you then you can narrow your search and look where those folks hang out.  Generally i find Meetup groups work well.  Also CoFoundersLab does a pretty good job locally (Seattle for me) of brining together like-minded startup junkies. SUL and FD merged recently.... which is why you now see this huge ad for cofounderslab on the right column of this page :-/ 

Eyal Feingersch

October 5th, 2016

I'd like to join/add to the question:

Tech people, just like investors, prefer the top tier entrepreneurs to work with, Businessmen with proven record.

But don't such entrepreneurs already have game ready tech people to jump in the fire with them?

Are all the good non-tech (potential) cofounders already taken?

Rob G

October 5th, 2016

Eyal, that's a good question. When it comes to starting a company there are a number of variables that all have to fall into place for things to work.  The odds are pretty small actually. From timing to the particular market to the kinds of tech to the personality fit with other potential co-founders all play into the mix.  Timing is probably the most common issue i run into - someone just had a baby, someone just started another project of their own, someone just took a promotion and doesn't have the time, they are ready for another project but i'm not far enough along yet, another guy just shut down his project but needs to start making a salary next month rather than 6 months out, etc.   Then when timing does work out do all the other variables fit?  I have a pretty good network of technical people that i have worked with in the past, but those that i would consider as co-founders are a very small group.  I should do a better job at cultivating and expanding that group, but it seems I just don't make the time. Success also changes the equation a bit.  Selling a previous startup has allowed me the luxury to fund my current startup so the pressure to find a technical co-founder who can work for equity only is not there.  I can take my time and still move the company forward by hiring a dev team.  I'm not sure at this point if any of the current technical team will end up as CTO/head of all things technical or not, but i don't feel pressure to make that decision.  And i suspect i'm a bit more particular this time around... time will tell if that's a good thing :-?  In my first 2 startups i got lucky and things just worked out on the co-founder side. 

kraig Into ICOs, fintech and saas

February 24th, 2017