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I've read a lot of blogs about pricing new products with no competitors on perceived client value.
(e.g. You will save $50,000 using our product. Our price is $5,000 so purchasing it should be a no-brainer)

It sounds nice, but then you have to actually apply it! I actually find it easier to create the above formulas for products that have internal uses. (e.g You were paying a bookkeeper $40,000 per year to manage your sales pipeline, but you can pay $8,000 per year for Salesforce and have your bookkeeper do something else.)

I am working on a product that will be used by consultants on client engagements. The big selling points are ease of use, time saved, less reporting errors on client updates, and better tracking of project information for future projects. 

More time = better project performance = better client reputation
More time = happier consultants = lower employee turnover
Less errors = better project performance = better client reputation
Better tracking of information = better future project performance = better client reputation

How do you squeeze quantifiable value out of such nebulous benefits?