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How do you attract a sales co-founder to a B2B transportation tech company?

Habtom Woldegiorgis Technical strength -- Currently running a 3PL logistics platform.

December 1st, 2017

I've worked for many big tech companies, built and sold B2C businesses in the past. I was attracted by an idea for a B2B transportation company, and underestimated the effort required to acquire good sales people or a co-founder. How would you go about it?

Andrew Curnow Full time sales manager, part time entrepreneur.

December 1st, 2017

As a sales founder myself I have had this exact same issue finding a technical co-founder. Sales people tend to want a point of difference, a solid products and great margins. Try seeking advice in sales related forums, groups or on Twitter on ways to improve your sales funnel/ process. You'll get some great feedback and possibly meet the kind of people you want to join your startup. Good luck!

Givonn Jones Chief Execution Officer with 10X Growth Expertise

December 1st, 2017

Just ask. Good sales people like to make money. Most selling co-founders that I know like to make money - for themselves, their team, and investors. If the process of acquiring sales people or a co-founder that can sale is difficult for you, I would say that your tech talk may need some attention. Let's face it: if your solution isn't clearly defined from a business perspective and doesn't sale, it won't matter how clean your code or how efficiently your solution can transform business operations. Ask your users why they chose your services and why they like or don't like your services. Make it easier for your sales team to be good sales pros.

So the simplest way that has worked for me is to either reach out to those that you currently support or have a clear, defined customer profile.

  • Who is your ideal user/industry/buyer and how do you solve their problem(s)?
  • Why are you better than XYZ? Who are your competitors?

Since your focus is technical, I would encourage you to reverse engineer your sales process throughout the sales cycle. What also has worked for me is to discover the best possible mix or midpoint between technical aspects, business value proposition(s), and financial projections (revenue, margins, comp plan, etc). This data will help you attract sales people and support them to be good. Choose your recruiting channel and engage. Have fun!

Shantanu Rastogi Revenue Generator, Hunter, Business Enabler

December 1st, 2017

Hello Habtom, if you are still looking for a sales co-founder, i would be interested to know about your startup.


December 2nd, 2017

You need to find a co-founder who knows about the transportation industry and how it works so that you can start discussing your solution with them in a constructive way. Getting a sales person too early in the sales learning cycle is a bad idea.

Sterlin Refinery LLC CEO, Founder

December 3rd, 2017

Am signed up with micromentors. Lots of great advise and people on it. Chec it out

Sherry Shahan Cofounder + Product Developer

December 1st, 2017

Finding sales people in an industry you're not familiar with is never easy, same with co-founders. Although I strongly believe sales skills are transferable across industries but I am not surprised that your contacts within the tech sales or tech entrepreneurship aren't enthused about venturing into the transportation sector. Just learning the ins and outs of the new sector means lost revenue for many so why do it?