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How do you conceptualize startup ideas?

Yana Podskrebalina QA Test Engineer at Woact Company

October 14th, 2016

It is undeniably true that every startup which begins with low recognition in the market aims at growth. However, in order to attain success in its sector, startups should use a proper and innovative approach. How do you conceptualize..?

Jorge Lopez CFO & Chief Strategy Officer, Cofounder at ConquerX - MassChallenge Finalist | altMBA | Mentor @MIT Global Entrepreneurs

November 10th, 2016

hey Yana, 

It is great question, the best way to start shaping your original idea into a "business idea", my advise is to start with the problem & pain definition, target customer, value proposition. These concepts will help you to identify your business assumptions or hypothesis, then make a Primary Market Research to validate those hypothesis, then product specifications ... business model, financial projections. The process usually lasts about about 6 to 12 months.
PM me if you need more info.

Rod Abbamonte Co Founder at STARTREK / @startupHunter / @startupWay / @CoFounderFound / @GOcapital / @startupClub / @lastminute

October 16th, 2016

There are not a unique way to conceptualize a startup. The key concept is. A winning team can build a winning startup.

Thomas Sutrina Inventor at Retired Pursue Personal interrests and family

October 16th, 2016

Are people looking for a solution that your product meets?  This requires the customer to believe a solution exists.  So how easy is it to get customers to believe a solution exist? 

Cell phones took people knowing a walkie talkie radio exist and then saying that can be a phone.  Did not take much to get people to know they could have a mobile phone,  Go check out the first cell phones and also the walkie talkies of the period.  Can not tell them apart.  People wanted a mobile phone but only started looking when they believe it existed. 

Arthur Lipper Chairman of British Far East Holdings Ltd.

October 14th, 2016

By putting yourself in the position of the uninformed you are seeking to educate. Think if the questions which should be asked by an interested party. Keep it simple so the person you are educating will be able to describe the concept to others. Start with defining the need for the concept and the benefits it will provide the user. .

Sebastien Mirolo CEO DjaoDjin inc.

October 14th, 2016

Most successful entrepreneur I've worked with don't conceptualize. They put some business logic together which either way they can (using Excel, Google Maps, Eventbrite, etc.), slap a price on it and start selling.

Martin Omansky Independent Venture Capital & Private Equity Professional

October 14th, 2016

What do you mean by "conceptualize"? Sent from my iPhone

Danish Want Sr. Consultant - CRMNEXT

October 27th, 2016

Conceptualizing depends on various factors. It can depend on the experience that you have for the business you want to start. You can start a business in which your experience can be 10-20 years and then start the same of your own.

    Sometimes you also see the trend in the market. You may be from the IT background but start a new business in other vertical depending upon your interest, profits  and market, So it really depends on number of factors.

Sarah Coiner --

November 10th, 2016

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