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Paul Murphy

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I cofounded an in-game fantasy sports product and we've been growing solidly the last year, since regulations have been enforced and the outlook is fantastic.

I am technical, and running my own services company which I've used to date to develop the platform, and my co-founder came up with the idea, got a patent and has managed, and solely funded the business so far. The products are stable and awesome and we have 200 users playing every day. But we need investment, and this is outside of our wheelhouse. We really want to find a COO who has a network and knack for raising money and has experience within a startup in this all-important growth stage. I've been told it's an amazing opportunity by a couple of people I had pegged for the role, but they are locked up in their own successful businesses.

So where on earth do I find these kind of people? Most founders, and thus startup CEOs are arriving with their own ideas and/or people. What about those who can step in at this stage and solve the chicken-and-egg situation by having a network they can tap to bring a solid seed round. All suggestions appreciated.