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How do you get feedback from people who DIDN'T sign up for your product?

Tatyana Deryugina Founder of

August 17th, 2018

I'm trying to understand how to improve's marketing/landing page, and obviously the most useful source of ideas for how to do that would be people who checked it out but didn't sign up. But I have no idea how to get to them. We had a signup list of interested people and I emailed those who didn't sign up asking to tell me why they didn't (along with some possible answers to make it easy for them), and not a single one of about 20 responded. Should I just reach out to potential users and ask for feedback rather than try to precisely identify those who didn't sign up?

Alternative ideas for getting feedback for improvement would be welcome! Of course, I could just ask our current users, but I'd like to find a more marginal set of people (those who need more persuasion to sign up).

Shawn Lehner A business minded technologist looking to help get great ideas off the ground

Last updated on August 22nd, 2018

I would recommend simplifying the initial landing page to focus on the delivery of your value statement. As it is right now, your mission statement appears to be "Be up to date in much less time" ... Be up to date in what? It isn't until I read through a few paragraphs of additional information that I really understood what it was you are offering. You need to flip this around, offer the value statement first.

I would focus on telling your target audience exactly why they want your service. Don't ask them questions about their problems. Tell them what you are going to do for them. Make it clear. You are offering a service that is supposed to simplify their job of finding relevant research; why then are you making them dig for information about your service and what it is you offer?

Take for example Twilio (which just happens to be a page I have open right now). They actually offer a pretty complex service, that is a bit difficult to explain to the average person. How do they capture the attention of your typical business manager? Take a look at their homepage. Right now they have a featured article front and center that reads "Engage customers like never before on Voice, SMS, Video, and WhatsApp". Obviously, everyone wants to engage their customers ... Tell me more!

Once you have optimized your message and you are confident that you are speaking to the right people is when you can start worrying about conversion rates, organic traffic numbers, and user funnels. This is a rabbit hole you will be stuck in for years as you try to understand what is "normal" for your industry. Some industries just naturally have much higher conversion rates than others. All you can really do is measure and iterate. Figure out what your baseline is, try something new, see how that impacts your numbers. Your primary focus should be on increasing traffic first, because even with a lower conversion rate this means more business. At the same time you can try tweaking your message, signup process, advertising sources and see how this impacts your conversion rate. You may find that you get significantly higher number of qualified leads coming from one traffic source compared to another.

Keep in mind this is an ever evolving process. Successful business are forever tuning their approach to digital marketing and adapting as this landscape changes.

Tatyana Deryugina Founder of

August 19th, 2018

Thanks, everyone! Shawn, your feedback is incredibly helpful. I am re-working the landing page to get to the point faster. Alexandre, I am running some small-scale ads. We're getting clicks but relatively few conversions. So point well-taken, we've got to work on the landing page!

Alexandre Azevedo Founder of The Traction Stage Blog & Podcast

August 18th, 2018

Hello, Tatyana! Nice to meet you!

Congratulations for your idea and landing page. Certainly, feedback is pure gold for any startup.

Firstly, it's important to understand your conversion rate i.e., from all the people who visited your landing page how many signed up? Is it a high or low rate?

  • If it's high, maybe you shouldn't focus on knowing (for now) the reasons why people didn't sign up. In other words, if there is a good proportion of people signing up, focus on knowing them better, in order to drive more people of the same profile to your site.
  • If it's low, first I would try to check your website analytics. People are leaving right when they get there or there is a specific page that drives more traffic out? What information do they actually see? Which pages they don't even enter?

Secondly, I would like to understand how did you drive visitors to your landing page? You mentioned you email those who didn't sign up, so I suppose you know them (otherwise you wouldn't have their emails, right?). If this is the case, I would suggest you to reach unknown people too. For instance, you could perform some low budget marketing campaigns with audience from different profiles e.g., young vs. adults, students vs. teachers, etc. From these campaigns, you would be able to understand the profile of people that is interested in your content, as well as those who are subscribing and those who are leaving.

Finally, I would suggest you to talk directly with academic people. Ask them some minutes and make them access your platform. Don't tell them what to do. Ask them to give you immediate feedback from what they are seeing. Check their difficulties on understanding your landing page. Ask for a final feedback. And check if they get (spontaneously) excited about signing up (don't force or suggest that at any moment).

Good luck and success!


Ok Bye .

Last updated on August 17th, 2018

i checked your page , i would suggest you to put some illustrations of what you do on your landing page, show some profiles of people who use it, a human can best relate to a human,

i don't like the plain text , use some good stock photos

you can use this website for free stock photos

type "research" in search box


also i dont like your colour combination " it can be improved

logo's colour combination is in the same way can be improved

experiment with colours that are joyous

Safwan Khan Founder of Startupily | App & Website Dev | Write for Influencive ,Besomebody, Thrive Global

August 21st, 2018

Tatyana, I just reviewed your website and there is way too much text.

You have not utilized social media properly

You do not have a blog section