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I am currently in contract with a developer who I entered into contract with a year ago and he promised me he would have an entire team working on my product and would have it delivered last summer. It's now winter of 2018 and it's not even done yet. Instead of assigning an entire team to work on it, he assigned one of his developers part time to deal with this on the side. No U/X person, no project manager. Just a guy coding on the side taking direction from me, and me giving it the best I could. We have finally, almost a year later, reached about 60% completion and the developer let me know he is leaving the company as of Feb 16 and will no longer be on this project. I immediately emailed the guy I contracted with and asked him if he had a plan in place for when his dev leaves and he simply stated that he does not. He also does not intend to. It would appear he plans on just abandoning this project as he won't respond to any of my emails following that saying that I wish to be released from the contract due to not meeting any of the deadlines and not having a plan to bring it to completion. I would like to retain my 10% equity he was promised for completing the product as well as the rights to the product designs, code and database thus far. He was paid a lump sum up front, which I did not ask for back, and he also is owed another lump sum upon completion which I do not feel I have to pay since I now have to retain a whole new team to finish the product that he could not. I have also lost market opportunity and time.

How do I move forward if he won't respond to ANY of my emails where I am requesting to cancel the contract.