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How do you go about hiring a social media manager offshore?

Rahul Khona Director of technology at Ciphercloud

May 7th, 2015

Does anybody have experience hiring social media managers offshore? What are the pros & cons? What are good sources to look for talented individuals in this space.

Boris Kogan Startups and innovation

May 7th, 2015

>a freelancer Social media guy will not be deliver due to lack of perfection in supplementary disciplines such as Content planning or development.

Depends on the individual, their background and abilities. Having a company/outsourcing agency doesn't mean delivering a well-rounded growth hacking experience.

Larissa Lielacher Data Scientist / Co-CEO at Flock Data Analytics

May 7th, 2015

Hello Rahul,
I'd suggest you find them via Social Media.

A great & experienced social media manager will be active on various platforms and will know where to find what they're looking for. As you can see, Boris already introduced himself & his interesting profile. 
If you get to know the person & get references from the people they've previously worked with, then I'm sure you'll find somebody that's trustworthy and can do a great job for your company. 

The person I plan to hire soon isn't offshore, but a few hours away from me, which equates to the same thing most of the time (coordination via Skype, tasks/KPIs via eMail/CRM). The distance doesn't concern me. 

Anil Gupta

May 7th, 2015

Primarily Depends upon you want to hire a freelancer or a company. I recommend you hire a company.  The reason behind this recommendation is that a freelancer Social media guy will not be deliver due to lack of perfection in supplementary disciplines such as Content planning or development. 

The most important aspect you need to learn is the attitude. If its focused for business development or just know posting on internet. 

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Boris Kogan Startups and innovation

May 7th, 2015

Funny you should ask. I'm a growth hacker with a background in social media/content marketing, currently living in Israel and looking for work in this field. I've got native level English and experience in 3 startups. Ping me on LinkedIn or at boris.kogan81 at gmail for my CV and details.

Alex Horoshkevich Founder/CEO at Islandii Ltd.

May 7th, 2015

Good question, Rahul
As I' m working in digital marketing area, I have some thoughts about this point.

1. Talent specialist. He has to have an proven experience in social media. It can be profile in social networks (Facebook, Quora, etc.), live established group with active members, profile on Quora and Reddit (where he helps people for free). I personally tried to find any large comunity with specialists related to digital marketing area, I was failed. So I decided build this community. Still there is no website, we are working on it.

2. Marketplaces. Ther are a couple of them, such as elance and odesk. there you can find low rate, but unneccessary good specialist. Again, I don't know specific market place not to mention social media individuals, but for digital marketing guys.
Also I hope you know what your perfect candidate should be.

Collins Mugume Business Development | Social Media | Entrepreneur | E-commerce | Mobile Money - Finance

May 7th, 2015

Your best bet is on the particular social media channels you are considering. LinkedIn is a great resource too. Most importantly look at their previous work, have a quick chat with their former contractors - if you can reach them. 
You need to note that on social media one wrong post or tweet can screw up the image that you have worked on for years. You do not want to give such power to just anyone.
All the best with your search.

Ps. I would recommend getting someone from your region/location. Different regions/markets have different tones/voices with which they connect with.