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Armand Sepulveda

Co-Founder & CEO at Dycap Media Solutions, Inc

Is there a way to stop a competitor from just buying your product and reverse engineer it?
We're about to make our first sells but don't have the money for tooling costs of large scale manufacturing. So we're going to make them by hand with off the shelf parts and DIY molds, but not sure if that will lead to easier reverse engineering. Of course we want to use this strategy to get the cash flows necessary to shift to large scale manufacturing with optimized electrical components.

I understand from a legal stand point you can have patents and set-up a wall of legal defense. From a technical standpoint are all products (software or hardware) doomed to be copied one day?

If so does optimizing your product make it more difficult to copy and make cheaper?
Optimization for hardware meaning stuff like surface mount, ribbon cables, optimized electrical components, injection mold casing, etc...