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How do you view Instagram as a marketing tool for teens?

Satvinder Singh Web and Graphic Designer at Designer ios

October 5th, 2016

Nothing like visuals to capture the attention of folks and create awareness for a brand or product. Depending of your target audience you want to use one of the available social networks. From your experience, what do you think about Instagram as a marketing tool to reach teens?
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Dave Thomas Senior Software Engineer at Sparkcentral

October 5th, 2016

Yes, Instagram, much more so than Facebook (which is an older demographic); though at the moment, Snapchat is bigger still with younger demos.  Here's an (albeit old) reference:

You will find little in published stats regarding teens under 18 because of laws protecting minors against tracking for their own safety (to keep out adult predators).

This: based on my experience with @mikejones at @scienceinc working on @wishbone and @slingshot apps.