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How does a newbie do a simple AI algorithm ?

Katerina Muradyan PM at Newmanity, love to discover and learn

March 10th, 2017

Another research of mine : how do you start with AI today ? Books, articles, tutorials , specific languages? libraries ?

Any any hint will be very very welcome :)

Jeronimo De Leon Founder www.Welcome.AI

March 10th, 2017

Hi, AI is a very broad topic. There is machine learning, image recognition, voice recognition and a whole lot more. Here is a video I made of what AI is and it's current state Machine Learning is one of the most common approaches to AI but even in Googles Machine Learning guide, they state the first question to ask is, do you actually need machine learning? I am currently making a site called www.Welcome.AI that will show all the new AI products, courses and services around AI.

I got my IBM Watson developer certification last year and I am currently studying Andrew Ng's Stanford Machine Learning course on Coursera, since you want to write your own algorithm this is probably the course you want to do:

If you're really technical and want to get your hands dirty with Machine Learning, here is a list of all the machine learning libraries in different development languages:

If you want a higher level IBM provide a series of IBM Watson API's that you can find here:

I would always first ask though, what are you looking to do? What is the product you're building or problem you are trying to solve? Does it actually need AI to solve it?

Hope that helps.



Jan Pedersen Dedicated dreamer and coder.

March 13th, 2017

I am a bit of a newbie myself and will probably be forever, having received no training in AI. For my self I purchased the "Artificial Intelligence - A modern approach" book by Russell & Norvig. Read it from start to end and did pretty all the exercises.

This book is updated once in a while (I have the 1995 copy) and it really gives you the foundation. Of course for each page in the book zillions of other books and papers are out there.