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How long should one wait before emailing a new contact?


November 27th, 2015

Going to several conferences in the coming months and was curious when is the best time to reach out to a new contact that one has met at a conference. Should you email them within the next 24 hours to remain relevant or wait a few days? What seems to work best?

Pierce Wetter Front End Principal at Skyport Systems

November 27th, 2015

I think you should follow the same rules as dating. :-) Sent from my iPhone.

Richard Harris Top 25 Inside Sales Leader, Public Speaker, 40 Most Inspiring Leader, Sales Trainer, Start-Up Advisor, SalesHacker

November 27th, 2015

Absolutely as fast as possible. However the best recommendations include:
  1. Make sure it's very personal, not just "hey we met you at the conference."
  2. Make sure it's relevant and adds value. 
  3. Consider having a specific "cadence" of touches and messaging for the suspect based on title, role, and conference.
  4. Consider the having the cadence run over 7 business days with an appropriate break up email after the 5th touch or so.

Michael Barnathan Adaptable, efficient, and motivated

November 27th, 2015

Within 48 hours is best, I've found. Keeps the momentum going.

Michael Weiner

November 28th, 2015

When I make a contact, I email them a short Thank You sometimes even while I am still in the room. Memories of contacts fade quickly and in direct proportion to the number of contacts you reach, so the faster you can plant a reminder seed of who you are, what you talked about, and an invitation to connect afterwards, the higher up in the crowd you will stand.

Roman Semenov Web development, Mobile development, Outsourcing

November 30th, 2015

Don't wait, write a short greeting within 24h. And be as more personal as you can, write few words on the business card or in your notes immediately after meeting. Do not send the same emails for everybody you met.

David Lerner Media Business Development Consultant

November 28th, 2015

Why wait? What's the advantage of waiting?