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Joe Trumph

Co Founder at Far & Beyond

I have been the non-technical sole founder of my startup company for 8 months since it first started earlier this year from an idea and developing it into a ready product.

I have been looking around for a suitable technical co-founder for a while and recently i found one.

He is currently working in another startup for 3 years and was one of the founding team member. He is currently the VP in charge of development efforts in both local and overseas offices.

I was impressed by his resume as he has both the experience and technical skills which i am looking for. I asked him what makes him want to leave his current startup company now as it is well funded and has expanded overseas.

The reasons he gave were that company is now running smoothly and he feels that he has done his job and he is not needed anymore and it is getting boring for him. Another reason was that the amount of equity give to him was not significant.

He also told me that he was approached by some other funded startups but he declined as he doesn't believe in their ideas. He said that he believed in my idea and my vision.

He said that he requires a monthly salary but knows that my startup is still bootstrapping and couldn't afford it. So his suggestion was to stay in his current company while helping me with all the development efforts of my company and planning.

My question is how much equity should i give him and how should i structure it in order to protect myself better.