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Dear Folks, 

Wished to get your thoughts on equity offering to bring a CTO to our company ? Now, I have been working on my start-up ( for an year and a half but have recently have been getting some solid traction. We closed paying fortune 500 customers, selected/funded by TechStars, excellent results from pilots in the field, got some press and few other successful entrepreneurs backing us.  

Currently, we are a team of well rounded four engineers (who does everything) and are looking to add a member with software architecture experience as CTO on our team. I am also willing to pay near to market rate salary along with substantial equity. 

One of the technical person who I am considering has an excellent education background, good architecture experience and some good start-up experience. He would be an excellent addition to our team and stabilize our product. How much equity should I offer to give to bring CTO ?

Sincere thanks for sharing your insights,