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How much is one willing to pay to get their adrenline on?

Nelson Hyde Chick Nelson Hyde Chick, Foil Flyer CAO, Chief Adrenaline Officer CTO, Chief Technology Officer

April 30th, 2017

A lot of people have a taste for adrenaline, but getting one's adrenaline on can get one hurt or even killed. One of the best ways for one to get their adrenaline on is skiing and snowboarding, and that is because it has a fairly good ratio of adrenaline to danger with loads of adrenaline and only slight danger. Unfortunately global warming is having a detrimental effect on skiing and snowboarding. If some company devised a new sport that used the same mountain as skiing and snowboarding, offered a skiing/snowboarding/surfing like experience and gave more adrenaline and less danger could it capture skiers' and snowboarders' money? A ten billion dollar market in the United States alone.