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How to be part of a good environment?

Luan Muniz CoFounder of Zimp, Financial Developer!

Last updated on December 13th, 2017

They said: "Be around the kind of people that you want to be", but how can i do that?

I'm a entrepreneur, 26 years old, always the youngest where i go, have been a part of 5 startups in the lasts 6 years, 2 failed miserably, 3 of them i manage to do an exit, 2 of those were fairly good ones, but being the tech guy, i was always behind the scenes, so (maybe because i was not mature enough at the time) i wasn't able to build a good network for myself.

Now i find myself with more experience and a little more money, a few new good friends but in the same place as i was before, the same network of people and most of them, "normal", "everyday-people". They are incredible and everyone should follow their own path, but i feel like if i keep surrounding myself with people that allow themselves to be in the comfort zone, i will never grow.

What can i do to move myself into a better environment, that will provide growth for me as a person and a entrepreneur?

simi tchinnu startup

December 31st, 2017

Never try to be in comfort zone. A disruptive innovation can help you make this world a better place.

Inorder to get started , as an initial step , contributing to open source projects can help you meet new personalities or mentors to guide your out-of-box thinking.

Google Summer of Code is an amazing platform for this.

Divya Akash Dutta Author at www.theselfmadejournalist.cf, self-taught coder, College Student

December 13th, 2017

As you have already mentioned that you have some money, Why Not Go Out More? Get out. Go to places where great minds gather like a Seminar or something. Meet those people. Form good relations with them. And I'm sure you'll find yourself surrounded by them in no time!

Wangu Chege Co founder,guest relations representative

Last updated on January 13th, 2018

One thing is to know what environment is and whether its clean in a sense of hygienne (personal),

External hygiene i.e All kinds of garbage are disposed well and in the safest manner possible.

Thirdly, one can also improve your networks and friends or colleges you hang around with.Enlarge you friend scope o get to be closer to people who have the same path or line of work .Read widely,inspirational books from various entrepreneurs..

Lastly,get to attend live talks,and learn somthing or two about real life experiences and teach others and pass your good knowledge to others...

Ian Mogavero Passionate Generalist, innovative solutions to difficult problems with Art & MBA

January 1st, 2018

Look for that 3rd place beyond work and fun with friends/home life. Find a new hobby or volunteer activity that is outside your comfort zone. You will expand your network, find new perspectives and be surprised by where it may lead you.

Ashwin Kumaar Founder and CEO @Winfantrace®

Last updated on January 2nd, 2018

Hello Luan,

As I read about you wanting to be around the kind of people that you want to be, I would suggest that you start attending smaller entrepreneur groups around and share ideas and discuss. Through this you get to make friends of similar thoughts who want to innovate and grow their business.

Business conferences happen often now and Investing in yourself is the best way for you to grow and also find friends in the same zone. Invest in networking sessions and meeting new people of the same mindset. Meeting people of the same mindset helps you think much better from what you are now and ignites your thinking capability, which in return will help you to get better ideas and execute better in your company now.

Building this connect is important for a healthy collaboration which then helps you to get business as well and work together. Its an interesting journey. The key is to stay patient and enjoy this journey of you networking with new entrepreneurs, attending business conferences or event smaller events to learn whats happening around and being aware of how other entrepreneurs also developed this.

Its mainly about the circumstance which is 10% and the rest 90% of how we think and act accordingly so I suggest you stay calm ----> enjoy this entrepreneurial journey ----> network with new people ----> learn ----> Innovate ----> collaborate ----> strike a deal ----> earn good money ----> and continue this process to stay happy and successful with your like minded peers.

Winfantrace™ wishes you a Happy New Year! and all the good health, wealth and success this year. God Bless

Warm Regards,

Ashwin Kumaar


Gilbert Mpanga Technologist. Web developer @ clinicpesa. Aspiring entrepreneur @cheqqly

December 13th, 2017

I also happen to face the same issue, mine seems to be crazy. I want to do something more scientific PHD like . I feel being just a web developer isn't enough. So I was like maybe reading stories of famous scientists may help me out , One person that inspired me was Micheal Farraday, though I don't intend I want technology to make society a better place, i.e Technology eradicating cancers. It's what am preparing for. Maybe looking at other people can help :)

Jeffrey Owie Consultant Training & Development

January 1st, 2018

Mingle with the right people, go to business meetings with other entrepreneurs with similar mind set and with more experience you can learn from.

Eugeniu Rotari

Last updated on January 1st, 2018

I looked up all technology and entrepreneur related meetups (at Meetup.com) in my town and attend those regularly since then, volunteered a bunch of times, organizing those events. Learned allot about the community and actually starting and running business, made connections. Also, someone told me "Linkedin should become(and replace) your Facebook" if you want to do Business.

Muhammad Qasim Qasim I am studying....

January 13th, 2018

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Baro Cheikh Omar Need to set up a financial solution for abroad investors in Africa: in real estate and agriculture!

December 13th, 2017

Very engancing comment! We all need to be surrounded with best persons, the one who make up