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How to create a killer SCRIPT for a one minute video?

Felipe Reina Please type your mini bio

Last updated on May 21st, 2021

I totally agree with Philip S. Miller's answer on this post: bit.ly/1RqZI0S"

Steven Washer Video Consultant | Author of The Video Brain

April 3rd, 2016

That was a great video for that market, Nicholas. You're spot-on. The script is the blueprint. Without it, the structure falls apart. The right script for you will depend on your target profile and the image-sensitivity of your future customers. Creating amazing scripts for cool companies is one of the things we love doing.  

Troy Gardner Chief Technology Officer, Chief Brewing Officer at Cloud9 Brewing Systems

April 3rd, 2016

Congruency and empathy with audience stated goals (lose weight) and real goals (be and stay attractive to people I'm attracted to). Meaning if you don't know your customers ideals outcomes, drives: pleasure and pain, obstacles (e.g. don't have money), objections (I'm vegan..don't do dairy), you are doomed to fail, you cannot outsource understanding of your business, and every customer, investor and employee will need to know what it is you do and don't do.

Sales videos can be done in exactly that format IDOM
I = Ideal outcome, what is your customers ideal outcome?
D = drive, what pain is not having your solution, and what pleasure will having your product help them. You can survey for this, prior to your script.
O = objections and obstacles, why don't people buy your stuff, too expensive, not sure it will work, or work for them, you can survey for this, prior to your script, get them on the phone and talk.
M = method, whatever you have that gets their I+D and overcomes their O.

Karl Schulmeisters Founder ExStreamVR

April 3rd, 2016

Simple answer.  Pay someone.  Either with equity or with cash or "in kind"  but for a killer script you need a killer writer

Kawika Maszak Chief Wordologist

April 4th, 2016

Yes, you do need to find a person who can understand your idea. But it doesn't start with a script. That's the final step. 

It starts with your own ability to tell the story. 

English skills have little to do with it. Videos don't resonate with people because of clever word usage. A successful video connects your solution to a common problem shared by many others. It doesn't even need a voice-over for that. 

An engineering mindset has little to do with it. Apple doesn't explain how their iPhones work. It's unnecessary. All we need to know is why our lives will be better if we own Apple products. 

The two obstacles you claim are actually your best opportunities. You'll have your story when banish your command of the English language as a barrier to tell it. You'll nail your story when you strip away the explanations hiding your benefit. How it works isn't important. Why it works is what matters. 

All this takes is simple language and confidence. A script doesn't give you this. You give it to the script. 

Bill Lennan Red Rope Social - everyone is an influencer.

April 3rd, 2016

Hi Nicolas,
I generally want a video to lead to an action - i.e. someone wanting to talk with us about their social media needs. 
Mostly I want to catch their emotional curiosity and provide an initial conversation framework. 
I don't think of videos as the close, more the initial flirtation. 
Your accent could be an asset - it will capture viewers attention and they will focus more closely. 
Maybe start with a handful of very short ( 30 sec - 1 min ) videos just to generate curiosity.

Felipe Reina Please type your mini bio

Last updated on May 21st, 2021

I did my own script based on Patreon.

Troy Gardner Chief Technology Officer, Chief Brewing Officer at Cloud9 Brewing Systems

April 15th, 2016

Almost, here's how I'd frame Patreon

1) Ideal outcome
For consumers: to get great content from real people, and give back
For producers: to create great content and make enough to support doing more of it, and be connected to great fans.

2. Drive:  Creators want to create, it really sucks doing something you hate to survive (pain) when you know you could be making money doing something you love (gain)

Consumers want to consume: it really sucks when out of all the web, there's nothing new or good you haven't already seen (pain), and maybe some of your favorite creators haven't produced a video in months, especially after the cliff hanger they left off of, making you wonder if they've died and are never coming back (pain) when you know they could be producing content regularly  and that would make you and other fans super happy (gain).

3: Objections and Obstacles
Many potential great producers either never get started or don't produce much for long, because creating they don't know how they can afford to do it, as it's timeconsuming and there's always real bills to pay.  So it feels like a hobby instead of a potential job, when in truth there are people who do make a good living from producing content fans love...and some way beyond any normal job where creators get paid to be who they truly are, from researching and producing great content, but how to get there? build a platform yourself? collect donations, and have to ask every time? sounds frustrating,  if there was only a simple solution...

For consumers:  They are always hungry for great, fresh, relevant and regularl content, and know that these come from people just like them, who aren't professionals, yet often produce better content than professionals, cause they love what they do and aren't subject to commercial interests.   Some of these greats produce amazing content, but can only afford to do it infrequently e.g. quarterly vs monthly.  It would be awesome to get more content, and consumers are happy to help pay for it, knowing $5 here and there adds up across thousands of fans to make a big difference, over the long term.  But how to get creators money and ensure that it goes to making more great content regularly instead of just getting blown on coffee?  what if you have multiple creators you want to support, all that paypal, donations is a logistics nightmare, so they don't do it, even if a simple solution already exists...

4) Patreon is a simple solution that solves both problems. A single place for fans and creators to crowdsource regular amazing content to ensure that everybody gets what they want, creators keep on creating, and consumers get regularly great content, in a dependable accountable no hassle way.

Felipe Reina Please type your mini bio

Last updated on May 21st, 2021

Hi all! and thanks for your great comments.

Troy Gardner Chief Technology Officer, Chief Brewing Officer at Cloud9 Brewing Systems

April 15th, 2016

Think End user needs first, product second. I don't give a crap who you are or what you are called until you show me how I benefit now.

Gamers:Wanto to get paid to game, and fully own your content?

Game watchers: Want to be a better gamer?  learn from the best to become the best you can be, and help support their success, and get rewarded with regular great content.

We are a new platform to help, with none of the platform restrictions, fees. We charge ?% than twitch, and you own 100% of the rights.

Interested in more? click to find out more
I want to be come a __gamer____
I want to _support a gamer___
I want to _advertise_
...whatever specific roles (author, commentator, advertiser)  go to separate pages/videos on benefits, and how you differentiate.  Then talk about your product solves those specific needs and gets involved.

Scott Manduck Director North America | Video Plus Print

April 11th, 2016

We are a huge believer in video to say the least. :) Once your video is done, how about putting it into a video brochure or video postcard or video business card? At  Video Plus Print we fuse a high end LCD video screen into custom size printed brochures or printed materials to give this the WOW factor people are missing in the standard printed brochures.  What do you guys think of this concept?