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How to find good marketing person with limited budget

Sergei Krutov Full Stack Dev

December 14th, 2016

I've developed encrypted and confidential email service ( it has pretty stable registration flow, but I'm having hard time to find person to join me and help make it profitable. It's like vicious circle, when to find marketing person I need funds available, but to make such funds I need marketing person. I would appreciate any advice, that may help me with this.

Jeevan Singh

December 28th, 2016

Have you tried raising a seed round and spending the money on marketing? I don't know what your unit economics are or what your financial model is so I can't comment on your ability to raise the money. Send me a private message if you need any further help. I can connect to you a few good SMM firms but ultimately if you have no money, you won't be able to do much. Also your site loads too slow, there will be a lot of wasted on digital ad budget.

Bryce Hamrick Product Vision / Biz Strategy + Tech Chops

December 22nd, 2016

Love services that make crypto easier, so first of all kudos on the product!

Marketing is a super broad range of business activities so you'll first need to segment out exactly what it is you're looking for. You mention you needs funds and a marketing person could help with that, are you looking for more donations? Or are you looking to break out a paid offering and start to generate sales? Or do you want to monetize the tech behind your product in other ways (e.g. private label or enterprise crypto messaging)? These are the first questions you need to answer, and you'll find someone to help with the specific thin you want based on that answer.

Unfortunately I don't think it's possible to find and hire the perfect, well-rounded marketing person that can do all the things you need from day one. You as the founder need to learn some marketing skills initially, and I'd suggest starting with customer / market development. If you want to build a business you first have to make sure you're building a product that people will pay for (whether that's the actual users of your product, or a data / tech asset you sell behind the scenes). And to make that happen, you need to learn more about your market and what it needs.

You can blend your market feedback efforts with your inbound marketing to some extent. A great example to get you started here is Ryan Levesque's book Ask. Be advised this is a strategy for using paid traffic, so you'll need some type of advertising budget. But like all marketing, it shouldn't be money wasted, if you have something to sell you can optimize along the way to recoup your ad investment further along in your sales funnel, hopefully with a decent return!


December 23rd, 2016

Great answer Bryce. Completely agree with you. Sergei, as a marketing specialist, my first question would be on the market potential and the real need. Not everybody needs encryted email and there are already a few great companies doing this. So attracting the right person is linked to making a good case about why are you up to something with big potential. And good people love good potential. Marketing job is to help transform this potential into reality.

Sergei Krutov Full Stack Dev

December 23rd, 2016

@thierryk thank you for the reply. I haven't post stats as iI thought it's irrelevant to a question. I've over 75, 000 registered users, with more than 100 sign ups a day. I believe I'm into something, however good people yet to come. So I was looking for place where at least conversation can be started.

Sergei Krutov Full Stack Dev

December 22nd, 2016


Thank you for taking time and answering my question. In the matter of fact I agree with you, that outlining specific role is important, however as it said: "beggar is not a chooser" it would be ideally to pick someone who fit into my perception of ideal candidate, but unfortunately its hard even to find any. I've drafted few possible path to follow depending on the skills of such marketing partner, but as I stated previously failed to find any.

It's like to find marketing person, you need to market yourself :)

Thank you for referencing a book.