How to find out my competitor's online marketing strategies and channels?

Nicolas Cabrera Happy Human and Deveoper

June 7th, 2016

I want to imitate and improve my competitor's strategy to reach out, acquire and convert customers, but I don't know what they do, how can I find it out?

I want to know if there are SEO or SEM (or whatever) tools or software to get a marketing insight of my competitor's effort. 

My competitor is a Goliath called but I believe with hard work I can improve and outrun some of their strategy, in a minor scale obviously.

I hope it is clear what i want to do. thanks for your time.

Shaw Walters Chief Executive Officer at Palm Laboratories, Inc.

June 7th, 2016

Livestream gaming is already a pretty diluted space, and the only differentiation that is really going to matter is the kind that benefits creators enough that they're willing to make the jump- i.e. if they can make more money or gain more followers.

Twitch evolved organically and was the result of numerous pivots into what finally worked for them. At the time they were building their current platform, they didn't have a real marketing strategy, probably didn't even use a CRM- they did take a lot of feedback from their core audience of content creators, though, and that heavily shaped their current platform.

Google/YouTube is aiming to compete directly with Twitch in the livestreaming space and Twitch is owned by Amazon. So you're up against two of the largest companies that have ever existed- literally ever, both of which have a lot of cash and a massive user base. Twitch and YouTube both have essentially unlimited money to outspend any startup competition, and if they like something about your platform they'll probably just add those features into their own.

The founders of Twitch actually started out as a startup making a calendar application with Gmail integration, which was quickly destroyed when Google announced Gcal.

Tom Cunniff Founder at Cunniff Consulting, B2B Brand Consultancy

June 7th, 2016

In general, never fight a dominant competitor on their own turf unless you are meaningfully better (think 10x), have investors with deep pockets, and are prepared to fight a bloody war.

Instead, be a smart niche marketer: seek to win where they can't or won't play well.

Look for a niche:
  • Where Twitch is weak and/or uninterested. (Ideally, you want to find one or more that has both characteristics.)
  • Where current Twitch users are unsatisfied or under-served (look at reviews wherever you can)
  • Where growth can be profitable for you, but would not be worth their effort.

If you're lucky, you'll find an interview where an exec from Twitch has said "we're not pursuing X, it's too small and not worth our effort". If it's too small for them but big enough for you then go after that with a vengeance.

In brief: you are far better off fighting a guerilla war that you can win than a huge war where you will always be hopelessly outgunned.

Hope this is useful.

Nicolas Cabrera Happy Human and Deveoper

June 7th, 2016

Thanks to everyone.
I compiled a list of tools suggested with a sort description.
The first two are the most famous:
Ghostery It is a chrome extension that shows the tools running in a site. It is not 100% accurate based on running it on my sites
Socialbaker Good for analyzing competitors social presence.
TrackMaven To monitor competitors' digital advertising/social. It allows you to compare stats against your efforts as well.
Tweetchup Good for analyzing competitors social presence.
Twitonomy Good for analyzing competitors social presence. Allows you to analyze the technologies your competitors (or anyone) uses on their website Great SEO & SEM competitor tool

Nick driel Online Marketer Focused On Funnels & Lead Generation

June 7th, 2016

Here are a few tools that i use to see dissect a competitor's strategy.

However just from doing a small amount of research; they push out a lot of content.

Hope this helps

Iftekhar Inan Customer Success Manager at Pagewiz

June 7th, 2016

I have used a number of tools for this kind of audit. Some of the tools are already mentioned here. Apart from those, keywordspy is great for tracking PPC campaign. Keyrow is another less known but highly effective tool for following SERP of specific keywords. Socialbaker, Twitonomy, Tweetchup are good for analyzing competitors social presence. I did a very detailed competitor strategy analysis for a startup last year. I can mail you the files if you want to take a look

On Yavin Founder and CEO at Online Performance

June 7th, 2016

Hi Nicolas,

I can suggest these tools that we are using on a daily basis and I highly recommend them:

Richard Harris Top 25 Inside Sales Leader, Public Speaker, 40 Most Inspiring Leader, Sales Trainer, Start-Up Advisor, SalesHacker

June 7th, 2016

This may be an option, not sure. But there is a tool called Datanyze that allows you to analyze the technologies your competitors (or anyone) uses on their website. Not sure if it applies here but it could provide some insights. 

James Linden VP Business Solutions at Kochava

June 7th, 2016  Great SEO & SEM competitor tool is also a great tool to see what types of ad creatives/messaging/offers your competitors are using

Google Alerts are also a great way for a free real-time feed of what your competitors are doing, investor updates, etc

Jeff Gartner Marketing and Community Researcher

June 7th, 2016

Learning more about what your major competitor is doing is smart, but I strongly recommend not copying what they do, especially because they're the Goliath. They'll just overwhelm and crush you. 
Instead, you have to do something distinctive relevant to your own brand.

Amy Madonia VP of Ecommerce & Marketing at Donna Morgan & Ali Ro

June 7th, 2016

Ghostery is a chrome extension that shows the tools running in a site.  It is not 100% accurate based on running it on my sites, but it is a start in knowing what their digital ecosystem is and what tools they have.

I also view page source and control f my way into finding tags that are on their site

Browse their site and also google it in an incognito window so you are going in anonymously and see what shows up in terms of PPC remarkting, email sign up offers, etc