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How to fix sales target and accelerate growth (in terms of sales) after idea validation?

Sabriya Tasneem Founder & CEO

April 29th, 2017

I run a cooking school where cooking experts take courses. My target audience is cooking-enthusiastic general people. The idea is validated, now looking for sales targeting and growth-hacking solution. Can anyone share insights? Thanks in advance!

Rob G

May 8th, 2017

i know nothing of the market for cooking classes, but the first thing that comes to mind is to team with market participants that already have an established presence and complementary products/services. Your pitch would have to include a way for them to increase their sales/market presence/reputation/customer retention, etc. High(er)-end cooking supply retailers, perhaps some of the online food sites like blue apron, hello fresh, etc. For example, there's a high-end cook's supply retailer headquartered in Seattle called Sur La Table. looks like they've grown a bit ( 100+ stores nation wide?). I see they offer cooling classes too, but perhaps your service is complementary. If they are not a fit then look for their competitors in each of their markets and talk to them and help them offer a service so they can more effectively compete with Sur La Table.

Kamran Wolters

May 9th, 2017

I would do a nice flyer and I would give it to the women (age 25+ ) during a sunny day at a local market.

Kim Albee Marketing Automation & Content Marketing Strategist

April 29th, 2017

Here are some ideas:

Read the book "Launch" by Jeff Walker.

Do you have an email list? If not, you can set up an "Attractor" funnel (targeted to attract you perfect potential customer to you by offering a valuable, enticing, free download in exchange for their email address)... then you can nurture them with great and helpful content and provide offers to your classes.

Use Facebook ads to target your perfect potential customers to your Attractor funnel (see above)

create a Facebook challenge to attract your perfect potential customers - you do this by creating an opt-in page and then have those people join a private Facebook group. You post to that group everyday with challenge instructions/coaching - run a five day challenge that makes a difference then offer the associated class(es) that they could take to expand on their learning.

Sam Fulzele Co-founder, Business developer & Management Strategist

Last updated on May 9th, 2017

It seems like you are well aware with your target audience (as mentioned above) which is crucial part of your sales strategy. If so, it would be a great pay off to look for the answers on some questions such as:

Why do you think they are your target audience?

What makes them enthusiastic about it?

What's their spending behaviour on related product/service?

This simple but powerful exercise will give you some new ideas in the context.

Some other tips are:

- organise events & invite people

- design some trial courses (possibly for free)

- share some recipes in general

- interview experts in the field

- collaborate with other institutes that offer extra curricular courses


Shekhar Agrawal B2B Business Expert, New Business set-up and transformation, go getter out-of-box thinker

May 9th, 2017

Hello Sabriya, there are different approaches to fixing targets (1) If you have had sales for few years already, then you could look at growth you want to have (2) If entirely new business, then you may decide on the basis of P&L targets, though have due diligence on how much of a realistic stretch the target is. (3) In case there is a gap between realistic stretch and the P&L goals (or growth ambition) then you may like to use the concept of "Base Goal" and "Stretch Goal". At base goal employees could make their OTE, while if they achieve stretch goals, they should also gain significantly. I always consider right targets as make-or-break for sales team motivation and performance... hope this helps, i can help more in developing specific sales plans

Jenna Bordy Founder & CEO at NoMadAve Inc.

May 8th, 2017

Sabriya - I think you need to start by finding your consumers, this is best done through targeted advertising. I may be able to help. Is there a specific region or area that you are looking to target specifically or can these courses be taken anywhere?