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How to fundraise a learning platform for high school students

Andrei Nastasiu iOS Software developer & Firebase developer

Last updated on May 7th, 2018

I created a learning platform, for students in my country (Romania). Here you can find learning material for the final exam when you finish the high school. There are many other websites that offer this kind of content but about 4 years ago when I created the platform, there was no website to offer all the content that you need. You could find for each object but not for all of them.

So, I created this website ( based on WordPress and it grows really awesome. I have about 100k users/monthly.

The problem is that in my country, users are not used to pay for online content. There are few of them that purchase a subscription for Netflix, HBO Go, Spotify, Apple Music etc. They prefer to download music using YouTube downloaders or download games/software/music/movie from torrents.

There are users to pay for subscriptions, but not students. Those who have a salary above average...

I tried:

- to add ads to my platform (Google rejected the platform because it has that kind of content that you can find somewhere else) so I used other ads providers. But I made about 100 euros in one year. Yep, as I saw, they don't click on ads so much...

- cryptocurrency mining - well, this was something to try... but they also don't like it so much because I use their CPU/GPU and also is not that profitable... Many of them are learning from smartphones...

- asking for fund rising via Patreon and PayPal, but no donations in about 3 weeks.

I don't want to make a business from this platform... If it is sustainable, that's enough for me. I created this platform when I was in the 1st year in faculty and is a project created to help others, that's why I don't want to just close it and that's all.

Any suggestions :)?

Ankit Manglik CFO Travelspice

May 7th, 2018


Have you tried affiliate marketing?


Marian M

May 7th, 2018

Arn´t there any EU funds/grants available for this? I am not an expert in this field and asking for public money might be highly bureaucratic but there is should be a representational EU office in any EU country where you could ask for a possible grant.

Alexandre Azevedo Founder of The Traction Stage Blog & Podcast

May 14th, 2018

Hi, Andrei!

Congratulations for your idea! :)

I would suggest you to consider using your most valuable asset: STUDENTS DATA. So, in order to access some content, students must fill some required information. Think about institutions that could be interested in this information like, for example, universities. How much they'll pay for qualified leads? Maybe your platform could gather students data (with their consent, of course) and then monetize it by providing valuable insights for institutions.

To enhance your sales argumentation, you could even include some adds for these institutions too. I know students don't click that much on adds, but it could make your value proposition a little bit stronger for the paying part.

What do you think?