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How to get Corporate clients for Corporate Training's.

Aman Verma Running IT Corporate Training's and Staffing Co.

April 10th, 2017

We want to get connected to IT Company all over the world to provide them Online/Onsite training's of IT Certifications and Technologies. how do we find and connect corporates

John Lombard Canadian entrepreneur in China since 1993

Last updated on April 11th, 2017

Honestly, if you are serious about this, it isn't something that you can get an easy answer for here. Like anything else, if you want REAL results, you need to invest both time and money. It isn't as easy as 'knowing how to find the contact info of the people you want to talk to'. Even if you can get that info, odds are they'll ignore you when you contact them. They are contacted by tons of different people, and they don't know you at all.

If you REALLY want to know how to do this, I'd suggest paying for training/consulting from experts. Two that I can recommend very highly are Kimanzi Constable (an expert both on getting corporate gigs, and getting articles published in top media), and Angelique Rewers at (essentially, she's a consultant for corporate consultants).

I have ZERO affiliation with either, and get no benefit from recommending them; they are simply resources that I think are of exceptional quality. But they're also fairly expensive.

They can help you out in all sorts of areas, including:

* How to build your reputation and authority in your field, so that people want to hire you

* How to build networks with the people you most need to get in touch with

* How to put together a powerful presentation that addresses THEIR needs (rather than talking about what YOU want to do) which will have the greatest impact

* How to price your programs

I'm sorry that I can't provide any better answer than this, but it is essentially like anything else in business -- the more you invest NOW in learning from experts about how to do it RIGHT, the more benefit you'll have later on.

Again, let me stress that you need to look at this from the viewpoint of the prospective client. It's not just you. They are contacted by TONS of different companies, ALL wanting to do training for them. A small minority of those are companies that are well established and reputable; the large majority are companies or individuals that they've never heard of before.

They are NOT going to waste their time on companies/individuals that they've never heard of before. Doesn't matter if you're able to get their contact info, or think you've got a great presentation.

You need to know how to get over that first hurdle...which is a HUGE one. And you need expert help to do so, from people who've proven they know how to do it.

ONE note, something that you CAN start doing right now...join every association and club that you can that the people you want to talk to are members of. Lion's Club, Rotary Club, networking groups, meetup groups, etc. These can give you the chance to meet these people in person, and give them a chance to get to know that when you talk to them about your programs, they already know who you are, and are more willing to listen. But this is a long-term strategy. You need to become a member of those groups, and start getting to know people and build your relationships, WITHOUT trying immediately to sell your programs to them. If you start off by immediately trying to sell, the only thing you'll get is a bad reputation.

Good luck!