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How to get customer feedback when you have many users?

Tatyana Deryugina Founder of

October 25th, 2018

We have a few hundred users on our website (and growing), and I'm wondering how to get systematic feedback from them about what's working well and what could be improved. When I announce new developments, I will generally include a sentence along the lines of, "If there's something you're unhappy about/would like to see us develop, please reply to this email/let us know" and I have not gotten a single response. We also have a "suggest an improvement" button on the website that no one has used.

Of course, I could try to reach out to individual customers, but I worry that I won't get a systematic view of what users like/don't like. So my question is: how do you effectively interact with your website users when there are many of them?

Mark Wade

October 30th, 2018

Hi Tatyana,

I have a mobile app and find that it is hard to get user feedback there as well. I send an email to users after three days to ask for feedback. Even with that direct contact, very few people will take the time to response. I've also used in the past to allow users to chat with me with suggestions. That service gets expensive when you have any kind of volume.


Alexandre Azevedo Founder of The Traction Stage Blog & Podcast

October 27th, 2018

Hi, Tatyana!

I would strongly recommend you this book: Hacking Growth - by Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown, in which they present the Growth Hacking methodology---strongly based on data collection and analysis.

In summary, the process considers:

  • Defining your main goal
  • Analyzing the data generated from your customers interaction
  • Ideating new tests based on conclusions from data analysis
  • Prioritizing tests to be done.
  • Repeating steps 2 to 4.

To focus on what to ask to your customers or who should you reach to get their opinions, it is important to understand the data---understand the users interactions and why they are doing (or not doing) the things they are.

Certainly, it will provide you the systematic approach you are looking for. :)



Tatyana Deryugina Founder of

October 28th, 2018

Thank you all for the feedback! Alex, I will definitely be checking out that book.

Yasameen Thaer Middle East B2B & B2C Export Marketing Specialist

October 25th, 2018

First of all, I applaud you for your startup I am actually about to do my thesis so I do see the benefit of your project! As to what way to get feed back, the simplest way to get feedback is by making surveys in which they are very easy to make, either Google forms or Survey monkey or even from your own website by creating a page,but there are few steps that you need to make first

1- You need to ask the right questions so you can get the right answers!

2- Publish your survey links in your social media accounts and don't forget emails.

3-Make sure to write something meaningful that conveys the message that your customer input is very important to you.

4-Make it short, people don't have the time for it.

5-If you make it lengthy enough then,try to reward your customers by providing a free feature, discount whatever that works for you.

6-Mentioning point 5, in general it's better to give something to your audience in exchange for their feedback whether it was a long or short answer

7- side note: start promoting ads on your social networks to increase followings.

Hope it helps you!

Rupesh Thakor Convert idea into product with AI and ML

Last updated on October 27th, 2018

HI Tatyana,

Greetings for the day!

- I would suggest. Segment customer data into groups by age, gender, type of product/Services purchased by them etc..And ask right question to right groups of customers.

- And, implement customer feedback form to generate text data or numeric data and analyze that data what is good and bad.Customer data will tell you what is working positively (Keep repeating that thing) and what is negative (Need to improve).

- About changes are made on the website web page, button, style or anything (Blue button or green button )Try to implement more scientific way to calculate preferences of customers . you can learn about AB test and how you can implement in your business.

Hope it helps you!



Michał Lisewski Researcher & Business Developer

October 31st, 2018

Hi Tatyana,

If you're dealing with high volumes of users and would like to gain a better understanding of their needs by providing simples surveys which would allow them to give you feedback without involving too much time.

The problem of many users is that they basically don't have time to fill out that kind of surveys so its good ask people with a closed questions.

All the best!

Richard Beck

November 1st, 2018

I would start off with something very simple... and very effective.

If you are using WordPress or a similar CMS, find a Feedback plugin that puts a feedback button on every page... with a very compelling CTA (Call To Action). This will lead to a form where you can ask a variety of "simple" (preferably multiple choice) questions.

I think you'll get a lot more feedback using this than using surveys, emails or announcements. This makes it obvious and easy.