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How to hire a React/Node developer (advice please)

Josh Ruby CEO

April 3rd, 2020

Anyone with advice on some good questions to ask a React or Node developer who's thinking about joining our startup to build (it's a "Get an answer from an expert in minutes instead of spending hours searching" product)



Jerry Feedler Senior Software Engineer

April 23rd, 2020

Hi Josh - I can totally understand your concern. Throughout my career, several times have I faced the same questions asked by non-technical founders.

If you're not a newbie in business, you understand how important it is to find a good developer at the beginning stage. And I cannot but agree that if possible you should not do it on your own and ask your VP of Engineering or CTO to lead the interviews.

But what should the founders do if they're hiring a CTO himself? What I absolutely don't recommend here is going through the typical engineering tasks. All of them are easily googlable and don't really show the true expertise of the interviewee.

During the interviews, you need to understand whether your candidate has a deep understanding of the technology. Unfortunately, to do this successfully you need to gain some knowledge of this technology yourself. I took my time and looked for relevant sources for you and found a nice piece on this point. It pins down 30 essential questions that you can ask your Node.js candidate as well as a thorough answer for each question. They also marked them with starts according to their complexity. Here is the link to this list of Node.js questions.

Still, even the most thoroughly made list of questions will not show you the actual expertise of your candidate. It'd be nice if you could give him a real task - something that was (or wasn't) recently solved by your engineers - and look at what solution your candidate would find. If you don't have any app yet, just pay as much attention as possible to the candidate's portfolio, look for his/her previous works and contact his/her previous employer.

Hope my small tips will help you find your perfect match!

Stay safe,


lloyd munanyanga Cofounder & CEO

Last updated on April 5th, 2020

Hi Josh!

The question you should be asking is how do I hire a Professional React/Node Developer as indicated in the heading and not the right questions to ask.

Unfortunately, most people who know how to effectively answer programming questions can not code effectively and may lack creativity.

I urge you to request the applicants to give you links to their project portfolios especially on Github instead. Shortlist based on those with projects that show potential. You might even give mini projects to test the ability of someone, for example, let someone code a small component of your app.

For programming, it is usually better to focus on the ability to produce quality code and not spoken language unless you want to hire a teacher.

I hope this help.


Andrii R Lead Software Engineer | Looking for CTO position

April 12th, 2020

Hi Josh,

If you are not a technical person, I am not sure why would you do it yourself. I would recommend for your CTO or maybe just a software developer who can actually conduct such sort of interviews. Even if you find good questions to ask, you won't be able to assess them. If you still you need to do it yourself, I would recommend talking about a person's experience.