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How to import web & mobile data into SQL easily?

Missy Miller Head of Growth at LiveBreathRight

December 30th, 2015

I have recently decided to move away from Google Docs and begin using SQL to store all important web & mobile data. But, I’m having a lot of trouble finding a cost effective way & efficient way of importing all my data into SQL. From others experience what services/tools have you used to import existing data into SQL? I’ve heard of a new product, Warehouses, but don’t know much about it wondering if anyone would recommend using them or if there are other options I should consider?

Rory Thompson Senior Software Developer at AgileThought

December 30th, 2015

Doesn't matter if you're using MySql or Sql Server, you can still import a flat CSV file into either. Export your Google doc (like others have said, assuming it's a spreadsheet) to a CSV and you can use SSMS or MySql Workbench, respectively, to import these files with ease.

Brian Kirsten Senior Software Engineer at GoDaddy

December 30th, 2015

If you're using MySQL you should be able to export you're Google Docs files (if they are spreadsheets) to CSV format. Then you can use MySQL Workbench (https://dev.mysql.com/doc/workbench/en/wb-admin-export-import-table.html) to import the csv files into your database.

neven sakotic

December 30th, 2015

Hi, do you mean in SQL  or in MySQL

Julian Jennings-White Product(s) and/or Service(s)

December 31st, 2015

I would export to a mostly flat file type and import the file to my database, for example making a csv file with the data from Google Docs. Using a new product is massive overkill and a recipe for headaches. However you will want a graphical layer on top of your database. For MySQL on Mac I like Sequel Pro. You will probably find it easier to use the graphical layer (a normal program like youre used to) for the import step rather than SQL command line import commands. Julian Dikirim dari iPhone saya Pada 31 Des 2015, pukul 01.08, Missy Miller menulis:

Natasha Ambo Sr. Business Systems Integration Developer at MetTel

December 30th, 2015

Hi Missy,

You have not given much details, so it's not clear what type of data you are trying to get into SQL. Using SQL (which could be mySQl, SQL Server or other database using SQL) could be a good option depending on the type of data you are importing. 

For example, is it the entire google doc you want to import? If you just need to manage documents, perhaps SQL is not the type of product you should be looking at. I'm assuming you may be interested in importing the actual data within the documents. In that case, using a SQL based product could be a good option and both SQL Server and mySQL have tools to assist with the data imports from the documents. However, you should proceed with caution when importing data, meaning you will need your data organized, cleansed and transformed before importing, and you will need to create the structure of tables to import the data into. Additionally, if you're not very tech savvy, simply having data in SQL may not be useful to you. You may require a better UI than the SQL tools to easily view and manipulate the data. You really should get someone with data experience to assist with deciphering your data.

There are also other products out there you can use which are more applicable to users who do not have a lot of technical experience, again depending on what you will like to store and how you want to access that data (egs. SharePoint, SalesForce, Dynamics, as well as multiple cloud base platforms that could satisfy your needs).

It all depends on your level of expertise, the type of data you need stored, and your plans for using that data. It's a lot to swallow and I agree with Igor you should collaborate with a techie or data person.

Also, I don't think the "warehouses" you refer to is an actual product. I'm assuming you are referring to data warehouses maybe, which is just another database structure in which your data can be stored. These structures can be built in SQL Server or through other platforms as well.