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How to increase the visibility of your games on Play Store?

Ali Asif Indie Game Developer

May 26th, 2015

Need help About Google current policy.

Donna chou App marketing experter

October 10th, 2017

Hi there, based on my experience, one the the best ways to increase your app visibility is getting your app featured on the Play Store, once your app get featured, you can expect tens of thousands of potential users hit your app page. What's more, people give much more trust to official recommendation, then the download rates would be much high, here are some tips to help get your app featured on Google Play:

  • Develop a high quanlity app - A low-quality app will never get featured
  • Follow Google’s Launch Checklist
  • Aim for SimpliMake Your UI and UX Top-Notch
  • city Over Feature-Stacking
  • Implement Google Product Initiatives
  • Get Press Coverage
  • Get Ratings and Reviews - The Google Play editorial team pay attention to user satisfaction before even considering featuring an app. Negative reviews and one-star ratings will definitely harm your app’s reputation and squash your chances of getting your app featured. What's more, seldom people would like to download those apps which have lots of negative reviews and low star ratings.

Another good way to increase app visibility is boosting app ranking on the Play Store. You can take care of the following things to optimize mobile app:

  • App Title: The name you give to your app can work both in positive and negative ways in the app search box.Use your main keyword in the app title can increase the chances of getting discovered by users in search.
  • Description: Short and Strong should be your policy while giving the description of your app.Do add your target keyword 8~12 times in the description. Do remember that first 167 character of your app description becomes the Meta description for search engine.
  • Optimize Screenshots, Videos, and Graphics: Make those factors attractive, which are very important to convert every user who is on your download and details page to make the user install the app - The more downloads your app has, the more chances it has of being in the top search results.
  • Reviews, Ratings, and User experience - The rating of your app is directly related to the search ranking of your app. If your app has a 5-star user rating then you stand a higher chance of being shown in the search result when a user searches for a particular category of app in which your app falls.
  • Social Factors and Benefits: Google Play store uses +1’s to recommend apps to users among different categories. Having more +1’s recommendation increases your chance of being shown in the search box.
  • Reduce app size– M. It is recommended that developers make apps that are small in size and take less space in mobile devices when installed.
  • Increase Incoming links: Like SEO for normal sites, more internal link to your app page will help in improved ranking.

Hope those methods are useful to you.

Karl Schulmeisters Founder ExStreamVR

May 26th, 2015

give Google money