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How to launch a B2B service and creating a new market?

Patrizio Iezzi Too much ideas, too little time

May 1st, 2017

Hi everybody,

I'm going to launch (for the first time) my project but we fastly have met an issue. The business model is developed on booking service (like and, after made a new digital product, we don't know how to correctly spread. This service, to be useful, has to be used by offerers and takers but we're in trouble finding a way to spread it.

If we spread it to offers (our customers, we earn with them) by asking to recommend it to their customers, there will be an issue with the 'customers property'. If the offerer have 100 customers, by promting to use our product to these, he'll probably lose someone because by using our product this customers could find new offerers to whom to go.

If we spread it to takers (our users, we don't earn with it), there will be a lot of traffic and a proportional deluded users whom can't find an offerer in their area.

So, what could you advise us? Is there someone who passed in this phase to creating a new market?

Cindy Timmons Advisor, Investor, Co-founder, Business Growth Consultant: Tech, Digital Media, Commerce

May 1st, 2017

Do both.