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How to make viral short video


February 20th, 2021

We are launching a new product for pets.

Although we are confident about the technology behind it we are not so confident about how to raise awareness. We were thinking of a viral video for the start, any ideas on how to make it viral?

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

February 20th, 2021

If there was a formula for making a viral video everyone would do it. You are very likely to run into problems when you focus on tactics instead of strategy. How do you know that video is the way to reach your future customers? Is that where they normally learn about products like yours? If not, why not?

The way to raise awareness is to do your basic research. Start by making a list of all the assumptions you have made about your product and your audience. Then test each assumption separately, one at a time, to see which are correct and which need adjustment. Basic market research will inform you of where your customers can be found, what they care about, how much money they are willing to spend under which conditions, what it will take to persuade them to make a change, and if your product is a fit for some established need. Doing this research leads to a validated marketing strategy where you will know if you can operate your business the way you planned or if you need to make adjustments.

You can't expect to build a product and then figure out how to advertise it. That's completely backwards and most often causes serious heartbreak and waste chasing something you could have known in advance would not work.

Starting with tactics ignores strategy. When you do first-hand research your future customers will reveal to you how you need to approach them and what you need to demonstrate to get their attention, but more than their attention, their dollars.

Good luck!