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I'm forming a LLC and want to trademark the name. Out of the five lawyers I spoke with I like two, but I'm having some doubts about the final selection. Here are the basics:

Both lawyers are focused on small businesses and startups.

Lawyer 1: quoted $350 for a "basic" trademark search and filing. This also happened to be the lowest quote, though that is not my reason for selection this person. This is a solo practice.

Lawyer 2: In addition to small business and startup experience, also has IP experience and I will need someone to review my service agreements in the future. They are also a small firm and quoted $1000 for an "extensive" search and filing. This fee is about in line with three other firms.

A "basic" search is a search on the trademark site, Google searches, and a couple of other sources.
An "extensive" search is said to be all of the above, plus additional corporate name searches - they claimed that included a search on Thomson, but that raised a red-flag as I've been told there is a hard cost from Thomson that is about $800.

More than the search, my concern is that I want someone who can craft a bulletproof application to get the trademark registered and protect the name.

So, is $350 just too good of a price? Is an "extensive" search overkill?