Hi all,
I have a JD, an MBA with a concentration in finance and an uncanny desire to ditch the white collar service industry to pursue some entrepreneurial endeavors. One of which involves a specialized type of headphone.

The problem I am running into is knowing whether or not the engineering drawings/ product design for these headphones would be quality work. I haven't used more than basic calculus is my professional life and aside from doing well in high school physics, my understanding of engineering is extremely limited. I would be willing to bring in a partner or adviser with more expertise in the area, but in the short term, while I shoot for getting an operable prototype, How do you evaluate the quality of such work? I'm concerned my conceptualization of the product wont be articulated correctly in the schematics and I won't be able to tell if what I am looking at is the equivalent of a DaVinci or a  Jackson Pollack until much more money and time are spent in the pursuit of bringing the concept to reality.

Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.