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How to Scale Up when you are in the Software Services Business

Ved Muthal Developer, Agilist, Traveller, Technologist

November 30th, 2018

I am a Co Founder of UX Design and Software delivery company and I am looking for some advice and inspiration on how to go from 1 to 10 in terms of generating new clientele. We have been in the business for 3 years now and have delivered about 10 - 12 products, but now we are looking at generating more clients per year. Any advice will be highly appreciated.


December 2nd, 2018

Great Ved, I think before I could provide advice, I will like to know what approach you've tried in the past?

Bill Flynn Catalyst Growth Advisors - We help startups and scaleups with People, Strategy. Execution and People

December 5th, 2018

Ved - It sounds like you have one client so far. If that is true, I recommend that before you try to scale to more clients (and people and expense, etc.) you act more like a startup than a scaleup. That is, do Customer Discovery, see if what you have built so far has a wider appeal. That is, as an example, you will do these things like this first:

  1. Identify your assumptions
  2. Come up with your hypothesis
  3. Pick a set of names - target customers
  4. Come up with 1-3 things you want to learn.
  5. Have a handful of open-ended questions that probe for the 1-3 learnings
  6. Set up interviews - Skype or F2F
    1. Introduce yourself
    2. Explain why you are there - Here to listen and see how their business works
    3. Initially you will ask the list of questions you have but eventually you will be less rigid as you learn how to bring a thread to its logical conclusion before moving on.
  7. Do Not Pitch your product or idea. Their answers will be tainted if they think you are selling. Maybe at the end if appropriate.
  8. Estimate the market opportunity - just a guess is fine to start
  9. Find patterns in the data

Ideas on what to think about -

How does the customer do their job today? What struggles are they experiencing in getting the job done? How do you solve those today? Review what you have heard

Goal - When truly empathetic and learned, you can draw the day in the life of a customer on a white board

I recommend reading Lean Customer Development, stuff from Ash Maurya or similar books to help you with the process. There are also some good YT videos.

Good luck!


Matt Roberts Two time SaaS Founder. Passionate about creating and helping fast growth SaaS companies.

December 5th, 2018

If you’re talking about acquiring new clients then it’s product marketing, marketing and sales you need to develop a plan for. your plan will cover everything from value proposition creation and CRO, to Content Marketing and SEO.

Saud Ilyas CEO & Founder @ Famous.PK

December 5th, 2018

What is the number of your current team?