I have been working on an idea for a while now and I know that there is a chicken and egg problem in its business model. A few people advised me that first I need to grow a user base but for that you need a product for developing which you would need capital, that's obvious. So, it is easy to say that you should forget the idea. But I kept working on it and after a while a I learned about the lean trend; only develop things that matter with angel money and launch. Well, that sounded reasonable. I tried the lean methodology and the first attempt failed. Well, being the stubborn that I am I refused to quit. The first attempt failed because of many reasons. One of the main reasons that stands out is moderate UX/UI. This time around I am investing a lot in UX and UI. I believe that the only solution to chicken and egg problem is not huge capital, there should be other ways too. Please share your experience here if you think perfecting UX and UI and nailing the features for the same would help. BTW, I am actively looking for UX/UI cofounders, advisors, business developer, and marketing.