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How to start a Online IT Agency

MD Faysal I'm a Web Designer and Developer

June 17th, 2021

I want to make an IT Agency in online without much Investment. I want to sell Website Development, Graphics Design, and SEO Services. Now I need a perfect Co-founder to knowledge my services. I already create my business website and set up all. Now just improved my business. I need your suggestions.

My website link :

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

June 17th, 2021

First you will need to label it correctly so people have the correct expectations. That's not what people call IT. That's digital marketing. IT is about network operations, security, and computing support. You don't need a co-founder, you need a business plan. You need to decide who your market will be (whom you intend to approach with your services), what they care about, what they're willing to pay under which circumstances, and most importantly your differentiators.

Because there is currently nothing unique about your service, you will be perceived as a commodity. Commodities have little if any intrinsic value, so this is why you need to differentiate your business, perhaps by focusing on a specific niche market. I could have written the same web site about any digital marketing service, but what makes it unique to SP? What is your story? Why should people choose to do business with you instead of 1000 other people offering similar services?

You are going to encounter a significant barrier to winning business because of your location being India. There is a trust issue with outsourcing marketing services, especially since marketing is sensitive to local context. Perhaps you're selling services within India, but that's not obvious. Someone in the USA or UK is not going to hire you because they will anticipate your agency will not understand the local market(s) well enough to build designs that appeal to local customers in ways with which they're comfortable.

The correct way to launch a business is to conduct your marketing strategy validation first, not design your product/service offering first. This essential step will, through research, reveal what you should be selling, to whom, where you will find them, what you need to do to get their attention, what they will pay under which circumstances, and other details like this.

Start by making a list of all of your assumptions. Even things you think are obvious, write them down. Then go through each assumption, one at a time, and determine whether it is accurate. Make adjustments as you discover inaccuracies (and there will be many). This will shape your product and set realistic expectations for how to proceed towards success. You can read many other discussions about marketing strategy validation in this community.

Good luck!