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How will you get a job at startup if you've one year of college left? How can I approach them?

AKSHAY DUDANI Full Stack Web Developer

March 11th, 2016

I'm in third year Computer Science Engineering. I'm very passionate about startups and web development. And learning web technologies like MEAN stack. I've an issue. 
Companies like accenture, etc will be coming for job placements in 6 months. I don't want to be in such companies. I want to work in web development domain and startup environment.The problem is parents are telling me to secure job before completing my degree, as one of my cousins have told that applying for job will be very difficult if I don't get placed in college. What do you think about this?

OR tell me what should I convince my parents 

I'm not asking for job at your startup. I'm asking for the way to approach them

Dennis Storz Products, People, Operations

March 12th, 2016

Since you have not worked in your chosen career field yet, what has convinced you that a startup is a better gig than an established company?
At this point, get going on some internships at companies making the kind of products you are interested in, make some connections so you can do some networking. That's the only way to get in on the ground floor of a startup. You typically don't "apply" for startup jobs, you find them thru connections. And it will be a lot better for you in the long run to get some work experience at a more mature company. Startups are not for everybody and you don't know yet what you don't know.
This has nothing to do with your parents or your cousin.

Sebastian Pereyro

March 12th, 2016

I would recommend working towards being able to demonstrate, not only tell, that you are passionate about web development and startups. In order to do that you need to start building stuff now. Some ideas to start doing:

- connect with web developers and startups around the globe by joining to online communities:
- I personally like this one:
- talk to people in those channels, and also get out and talk to people in person
- find a designer that could complement your skills and come up with an idea and build it, end to end, face and solve problems, put your passion to work.
- learn, learn, and learn so much that people will want to work with you...
- work on open source projects..contribute to it, use them, help them be better.
- Finally, respect your parents and help them understand that times have changed a lot now, cousins are not always right, and today, you do not need to secure a job in a big corporation to be financially stable, specially if you do not want to.

I hope it helps think about some options to start doing today

Ted Tekippe GM, Verifone Cloud POS & VP Commerce Enablement at Verifone

March 12th, 2016

The biggest challenge you face is that most startups don't hire six months in advance. You have a few options that I can think of. First, you can look for internships available at startup companies now in the hopes that by getting in the door now you'll be able to secure a full time job there by the time you graduate. If they don't have any internships available, contact those hiring for full time jobs and offer to come in as an intern or part time - the good thing about startups is they're usually a lot more flexible than bigger companies. Another option is to go through the hiring process with the larger, more established companies earlier on and, if you get a job with them, treat it as a safety net. Then when you graduate you can go work for them and build some experience while keeping your eye out for a startup job you really want. Most employers would really like you to spend at least a year with them, but hey, things happen... Ted Sent from my iPhone

Chris Kitze CEO at Safe Cash Payment Technologies, Inc.

March 11th, 2016

Akshay, who is applying for this job, your cousin, your parents or YOU???

If you have a giant pile of debt you owe your parents or others, then you are a debt slave and should pay it off by taking that big company job which will definitely suck, but it'll be pretty comfy.  If you have your wits about you, you should be able to master that job in about 4-6 hours per day and that will leave you with a free 8 + hours a day to work on the things you want to.

If you don't have a monster debt and start ups are what you love, I say go for it!  You'll learn more in two years at startups than in ten years at megaCo.  Worst case scenario, you fail and have to start over again.  Not that big a deal -- it's not like the old days where you had to have a job with a giant company to make a good living.  Working for yourself, you'll work all the time and if you are smart about things, you'll make much more than the folks at the safe and secure position who sit around worrying about getting laid off.  

You can tell them that.  Good luck my friend.

Michael Barnathan

March 12th, 2016

I agree with the others: don't rule out the corporate job in the short term - right now your best move is to establish yourself as well as build a solid financial foundation so you can take on more risks (such as starting your own startup) later on.

The right niche might be a company like ZocDoc: a late-stage startup that still operates like one, but has the financial resources to pay a market salary.

As for how to find these companies, AngelList shines in that niche.

Raviteja Kanala COO @ THE VIDIO, Inc.

March 12th, 2016

Hi Akshay,

What ever our Parents in India suggest makes sense with our financial risk managements. There is no need for convincing anyone in our society, only our hard work counts and it talk about us. It is just waste of time to convincing. Now, you are in third year. Attend the campus placements hiring process even though you dislike. There is plenty of time. You can directly reach out to startup companies. You can even work remotely for any company in the world. Develop best portfolio. Securing any job will convince your parents. But starting a company, will be a big problem. As our friend Chris Kitze, mentioned, concentrate on mastering your skills and meet day-to-day deadlines. Try to cultivate the thought process of daily learning and maintain optimism, even if you have to perform duties either in startup or Corporate, you dislike the most. It will take some time to cope up with situations. Don't worry, take your own time and explore new trends in web development.

All the best and good luck. Take care.

Philip Miller Founder at Hempies™ Paper Inc.

March 12th, 2016

Dear Akshay,

I think you should run away to Hollywod like I did.  What a life I've had so far.


AKSHAY DUDANI Full Stack Web Developer

March 12th, 2016

Hi thanks,
Thanks for your advice.
I wanted to ask some more suggestions.

There is no financial risk. Parents are worrying about what my cousin has told. He told that if you sit jobless for sometime it affects your chances at being selected. Hence, they are telling me to secure job at startup before my degree ends.

What should I tell them? I want to work at startup and they also don't have problem in that. They just want me to secure job before my college ends. Hence I asked that question.

As I'll need to prepare for apti,interviews for placements,etc vut I think I can give that time to my web development and be more eligible for startups.

What should I tell my parents about all this?

What is your advice in all these situations?