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How Would I find clients for software developing company ? Where would be right places ?

Priti Badami Founder/CEO/Big Data/Database Architect

August 22nd, 2018

I have software development company. I am a hands on developer/Architect with solid Big Data/Data Science/Database skills. I live in New York city. I would like to develop software for various clients as a business. I have a job as well. I would like to establish a successful business to leave 9-5 job. where would I find clients for my business.

Akinduro Rotimi Founder of multiple businesses

August 23rd, 2018

It l border on what your target audience is Priti. Are you focusing on enterprise software, or building softwares for individual use. After deciding which software to focus on, and defining your buyer persona, meet them where they "hangout". For businesses, meet them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Cofounder Lab etc. Facebook is great too if you do it right. That is because, the recent algo change has made reach for business pages problematic. But that is not a barrier.

After deciding your social Chanel to focus on, create and build your profile there.

But one way to stand out in what you do on social is to show your self as an authority in it. Join groups where your target audience belong. Participate in activities, comment on post.

Then be aware that some prospects might not be aware that they need your service until you tell them. They don't just feel the need until you arouse it. That is where blogging will help. Share your thought on any perceived painpoint you think softwares could help your client solve in their day to day life.

Again, watch out for triggers that shows they need your service. And don't be scared to contact them that you can help when you do have one.

Your responsibility marketing and selling your service is way more than simple than can be explained here. But can be interesting. You might inbox me your contact for a meeting and further guide.


ronak yadav CEO at

August 24th, 2018

You should be good at marketing for finding the clients and your idea should straight and forward so, that the client would understand your ideas easily. you should make a webpage, advertisements on the social networking sites so you could find some clients.

Raghu Ranjolkar Strategy & Marketing Consultant

August 23rd, 2018

A lot of marketing research has been devoted to answering the million-dollar question: "Where to find Customers/ Why do customers become Customers?"

Customers are everywhere. But, yes, They are yours only if you are offering them the solutions rather than a product /service.

It is highly imperative to recognize thatcustomers buy solutions, not products or services.If customers could diagnose their own problems and come up with workable solutions on their own, they would do so. The reason that they're turning to you and your firm is that they're stuck and need your help. Therefore, you must be able to bring something new to the table so as to help your customers with solutions.
The truth is, customers don’t start out shopping for price; they don’t even start out shopping for a specific product. Instead, customers want to buy solutions that will give them the outcomes to meet their needs.

Although often misunderstood, marketing concepts are straightforward, and they are relevant to every part of your company. Marketing is essentially the art and science of getting and keeping profitable and valuable customers, and the hub of every business. This requires that you fully understand the problems and concerns of your market and are able to clearly explain how you can help them solve these problems. It is crucial to understand that marketing is an ongoing process that applies to every contact with your target market.

It is imperative to assess and determine what your own customer motivators might be. In an era of innovation, ideas explode across all markets. But not all fill a need - and needs of all kinds play a huge part in consumer behavior.

Akinduro Rotimi Founder of multiple businesses

August 22nd, 2018

Getting some sales skill might be necessary to achieve your goals.

You can find your clients anywhere you can have contact with humans who needs your services. Look into your network. Let people know what you do. You might be lucky to get referrals from such people.

But one important tool for you is the Social media. That is where social selling comes to play. When used professionally, Social,from LinkedIn to Twitter to Facebook, can help you achieve your sales goal.

Each day, people show signal about their need for your service. Social can be used to help you generate leads, qualify same and convert your lead to paying clients.

Blogging is another tool for you. It is useful in attracting prospects and converting them to warm leads. When that is achieved, you could leverage email to convert them to sales.

Hope that helps. I can help in any form mentioned above if you need more thoughts.

Priti Badami Founder/CEO/Big Data/Database Architect

August 22nd, 2018

Thanks akinduro !! I would like to know how would I do these social media task. I have a page on FB. but not sure what should i do with others? how and who can manage?