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How would you spend $1000 to inch closer to paying customers?

Steve McDonald

June 17th, 2017

I have an MVP of my SaaS app up and running. Customer discovery & validation - check. Social media pages up and SMM strategy is underway. Onboarding strategy has been developed and is implemented. I have bootstrapped thus far and I recently was able to obtain about $1000 in funds that I would like to put towards the app. I know this is not much but I am wondering where should I spend this money to get the most bang for the buck to get closer to gaining paying customers. My current strategy to get paying customers will be to share my story on blogs and podcasts (that are interested to have me) and creating youtube videos of the same - showing how to use the app to help overcome mild to moderate neurological disabilities. (I built the app to help overcome my own neurological disabilities). How would you spend this $1000?

Theodore Caravellas Experienced CTO, bringing ideas from concept to v1. Mentor, Tech Advisor. Greek living in Uganda

June 25th, 2017

There is no simple yes or no answer here and depends on the market, location, etc etc.

But there is a rule on traction channels: you have to try the all before you decide. A channel that works best for you is not working for someone else and vice versa.

So start small on each channel and measure results.