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Hyper-targeting ads for CFO's of multi-national companies?

Andrew Tomasik Executive Vice President at KindHealth

May 23rd, 2014

We're a currency risk management service, working with companies that have an international presence and currency risk, and we're looking to drive prospects to our subscription service where we provide them with a variety of strategies. We're developing and testing our automated email nurture campaigns but also wanted to explore other ways of driving traffic to a landing page with a video and sign-up form. 

I wanted to see if anyone had experience with hyper-targeting ads, specifically for this demographic? (CFO, treasurer, controller of large multi-national co's) I also read a stat that only 30% of Financial Execs in this group have any sort of media presence. Don't think many of them tweet or have a FB account.  

Any recommendations for sites where we might want to purchase hyper-targeted media buys? (LinkedIn, etc.)

Thanks for the help!

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Garrett Gan Thalamus.co, a 'Yelp for Advertising'

May 23rd, 2014

Bizo is another company you can look into Sent from my iPhone